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Today's state is not very good, it's very bad in the afternoon, so I just sleep until I have lunch. I don't know how to have it. It is really tired. I haven't experienced what is my body and mind. Things are very idle and you can exhaust you, mentally stress. I don't really don't have anything, I can go to the new laboratory to be familiar with the environment. If you have, I will go to the library to see the book, or write the process in the bedroom, and also look at the BT. Now I am not interested in anything, I don't have that mood. I finally passed two days, only two days from SS, in fact, she didn't see any changes, but I didn't even really want, but it was a silent expectation and nervous. This kind of time, but nervous, there is a period of time, seeing her is not very exciting as before, but a little nervous, there are some expectations, but it is afraid of being cold. I have to change it, don't be so passive. Hey ~ I don't want to do it again. I can't hold it. I used to be a strong will be strong in my own ideals. It may not be, because this setback is even a basic failure. On the issue of love, I may always be a coward. It's a good mood at night, it is finally possible to breathe.

Today, I saw Blog written at this time. At that time, people were very tired, IELTS, afternoon research, IELTS, time is very nervous, and pressure is very big, even for a month, there is a moving Best. But my mood is still excited, at least very comfortable, occasionally send complaints, but it is still very smooth, and it is very pleasant. Finally, IELTS has been 7 points, and scientific research is still very smooth, and finally successfully passed the inspection, and became the foundation for punctuality. What is the difference than now? At that time, SS had returned home, and it was relatively small, and she sometimes gave me a little unexpected, but my heart is stable, I don't need my feelings for my feelings, I It can be put in full, and there is a spiritual pillar such as SS. At that time, I could feel SS support, although she is relatively small, but I still have a sense of security, I feel that two people are, there is no feeling of lonely. Although I am very idle now, it is very easy to compare than the mood of the text, it is very active, and there is a little missing, but the other feelings are very happy, very active The current situation does not say it out, I am panic, fear, very negative, pessimistic, not like the same person. SS is so big to leave to me.

It is necessary to mention a girl, zqm, and I have encountered it on QQ a few days ago. She is the best, the best girl I have ever seen. Thank you for your help from I IELTS, as well as the concern of my body. If we don't have the accident last year, it may still be a good friend, but the feeling is a bit embarrassing. I feel only between her feelings, although she likes some of the advantages, but I am more willing to reflect these advantages to reflect on SS, even if SS is not, I am willing to accept the entire SS. My only girl is SS, love is a kind of pay, is a responsibility, I am willing to be like this (unfortunately, SS is very bad in these two aspects). Although the current situation makes me feel some fate to catch people, I don't regret the original decision, I appreciate ZQM, but SS is the only girl who can give me love so far. In the afternoon, I accidentally saw the email sent to me in September 2004. At that time, I didn't want to twist your hand, then SS sent me, said to break up, still love me very much, and then we finally be a good . There are still many times, most of them are SS, her character is too strong, not willing to move people, always use breakup to solve the problem. This time, she decided to really leave, although my reflection is still the same, it is very sad, very sad, she is not willing to look back. I remember that Due said, I have a lot, I am quarreling when I first quarrel, I don't think about me, and I will not think about me, and I will have a short time, and I will miss me. Will call to ask me, there is a lot of feelings between us. I don't know why now, simple from the angle of emotion, I feel somewhat surprises, there may be other reasons, I don't know what happened, or I really let her bored? Remember SS, talking about SS, always have a little sad, although I have used the most calm way I can reach now. I am not active in recalling the past, and I have a lot of shadows, and I am somewhat sensitive now. Many things can make me can't help but think of the past, and then it is a big or feeling, which is so big. It has collapsed in a semester for more than two years.

SS has a very bad habit, it is very lively, it will not be too scruple, especially when going home, always, returning to the school is talking to me. When you go out with your friends, you will not care about what I am worried about when she is safe. I will not return to my text message. I don't have to say that I actively report my own situation, but I am very bored, I will find me a lot. Many . I am totally different from this point. I pay attention to SS, I always think about SS. Maybe I should not count so much, but I feel always very bad, I always have a feeling: she likes me because of loneliness. Due is more is pursuing enthusiasm and excitement, and firmly believes that the real love is only 18 months. Due did not say anything when we just came together, there is a little shortcomings in the character, but care for me is a perfect. But the winter vacation after a year, he started her significant feature. And she doesn't tell her parents, so we can't call; and according to her, we will say more her parents will ask who, she said that she is not willing to lie her parents, so she said Be less sending, so our contacts are less pitiful. I am very strange, she has always lie her parents, saying that they don't have a boyfriend, but in such a small problem sent by the text message. She really shouldn't be such a practice. It should not be such a attitude towards love. As long as I pay, I have a lot of reservations and protect myself very well. She may need a person who can help her with her, when she needs, the boyfriend is not only like this, and there is no power between men and women, more obligations. Many of her practices I can't understand, but I am going to cooperate. I am really passive, oh ~ Maybe she is really savvy, but this doesn't seem to be SS I know, and SS is not such a person in my memory. Thinking of such a thing is very much, why are it now, it is very unnecessary, he is not a girl I need, and she is doing very bad, it is difficult to let the people who care about her. Accepted, but I am so strange, I don't know what I am still in love. I have no feelings before, I don't have feelings, and I have not a feeling of alone. But after I and SS, I slowly think that I am a very sense of security, maybe I am used to doing two people together, I am used to do something for her, I want to get her care and take care, I want to have a person. To share. But SS can't always give me a sense, I can't do it very much, I can't help me selfless. Many aspects are like this, always let me feel very lonely, then she is subjective, wonderful, too self-centered, which may be loved slowly. People who don't love a person can be easily left. I am not, the situation in SS is more in line with it. Her reincarnation is always bad than the worst the best of me.

The text written is really difficult to read. My writing ability is really a little bit, my heart thinks, it is a bit change. I wrote a lot, I don't know if there is any center content to express, my first one is no title.


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