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Today is June 24th, 11 o'clock is Germany VS Sweden, and the German team is 2: 0 lead in Sweden in the first half.

To be honest, the German team is really beautiful. In particular, cooperation, it is a hearty, people

Enjoy your eye. Talking about the cooperation, it also needs to cooperate in the programming. For a man writing, he

How smooth communication information between the various classes written, and work well with each other.

For several programmers to write the program, then the exchange information between them, that is

How do I cooperate to complete the task? In the cooperation of programmers, cooperation in football

What is the relationship? Good cooperation in the football world, pay attention to the timing, suitable for strength.

The so-called timing is that the other party has time to appear or the chance of friends is more good; good strength is

Just can get rid of the opponent's blocking, and let the pair of friends can successfully pass the ball.

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