I have a prediction of the 2006 World Cup championship, Germany wins!

xiaoxiao2021-04-10  434

Brazil and Germany entered the final, Germany finally won

The reason is: Brazil's strength can be finalized, and the team strength of the halfway has a gap in Brazil. With the state of Brazil rebound, Brazil will be better, the second half of Germany's Germany is more difficult. Big, but after all, it was the host of the host, which reminded me of the French in 1998. It is not optimistic before the game, but eventually won the championship, even the last Korean has entered the four, so there is reason to believe in Germany.

In the finals, I prefer the German team, the team who won the highest voice can't win the champion, definitely have its inevitability, and the World Cup held in Europe, and more reason to believe that the ultimate goal is a European team, so I It is considered that the possibility of Germany wins!


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