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Toronto painter Liu Yi's huge oil painting "2008-Beijing" has attracted countless visitors at the New York Art Expo this year in March this year. There is always water in front of the small booth, which attracts the security unit to expand the booth area, which comes to the CNN TV station to report. Now, he is signed with the international famous Jiade Auction, and he is preparing to enter the autumn auction in China.

"2008 - Beijing" is a few naked Chinese and foreign women playing an ancient Chinese game - mahjong. Classical painting techniques with painter have a wonderful bold ultimate realistism, destined to attract people, but the metaphor and deep political means, I am afraid that only people can understand.

Talking about this idea, Liu Yi said that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, and Westerners call OlympicGames, this "2008-Beijing" drama is also Game. He has also been drunk, has been drunk, and the history of China's nearly 100 years. In order to express this history, he chose the traditional Mahjong Game, and the upper left corner of the painting, the most shackles is a similar image of Mao Zedong, but marching Sun Yat-sen The beard and Chiang Kai-shek's balun are also a combination of this history.

Liu Yi believes that from the eight-national coalition of guns to open China's door. In the future, China has been open to the outside world, China has always been active, but is forced to accept everything, and have always been resistant. An internationally recognized game guidelines called "fairplay" (fair competition), but China has not prepared to act in this rule until now. As an oriental woman in the painting, I opened an Dongfeng, which symbolizes China's rise, but the woman is still a little unequal small action.

In the opposite, the foreign girl, although it also comes to China's game, but the confidence is all lying there, because she grabs a card, which is called "Jiaoong" in mahjong, "matching". This means that although foreigners enter China, they don't understand China's game rules, so they will inevitably have lost hands. Some foreigners who have learned business to China often complain to a special social political system in China.

Mid-hearted enemy psychology

There is also a rural girl in the city, and her face is a little dissatisfied, she holds a bright fruit knife in her hand. She represents China's farmers and underlying workers. They are the rise of China, but they have been neglected for a long time, and they are treated unfairly, so a kind of enemies are growing in their hearts. This is a potential social crisis in China, and this crisis is caused by China's political system.

Liu Yi's political means contained in this work, lets people think of many Chinese artistic creations are often some of the political colorful works, not only in the field of painting, in the fields of films, literature. There is also the same phenomenon. In March this year, the New York Asian contemporary art auction, Zhang Xiaogang's "Comrade No. 120" took out the highest price of Chinese contemporary art to 9.7 million US dollars, other political Pop (a new art Trend. Combine the creation of avant-garde and postmodernism.) Painting is also refreshed with the record of the price of Chinese contemporary art.

Liu Yi believes that the Chinese society has chosen, more or less factors that have been doped with some political sympathy. Interpretation of painting - a woman playing mahjong Author: Zhu Dazhi a New York art fair entitled "2008- Beijing," the painting. Beijing will hold an Olympic Games, ie lympicage. This painting is also Game, but China's traditional Game - mahjong. These women represent gangsters on the global arena.

The upper left corner of the painting is a standard image. At first glance, familiar and unfamiliar, it is the standard image of the beard of Sun Yat, Chiang Kai-shek's head, Mao Zedong's five senses. It symbolizes the history of China's 100-year-old, or is all of the old democracy and new democracy.

The left side of the painting is a girl who is the most innovative and most gathering god god. She is clearly glary in order to catch a good brand.

The woman in the middle back, opened an Dongfeng, which symbolizes the fact that the current ignorant - China is rising. Although the woman is a little unspeakable little action.

The middle front woman seems to have some foreign blood. He is playing card, and he will look at the light source, which will come. He is wearing light, there are some worries on your face.

Then the foreign girl, she also came into the game, the confidence is all, lying there, because she scales a card, Jiao Mong, accompanying.

The right side is obviously a rural girl working in the city. She is a breeze army that has made China excavation. However, there are some don't understand on his face, there are some discrete. He held a bright fruit knife in his hand, which suggesting a kind of enemies and implies a crisis.

On the right side of the painting, there is a big river in front of the shabby architecture, there are some stones, which symbolizes the prospects, just touch the status of the stone crossing the river.

This interpretation from Canada's newspaper, the author also quoted to the Internet, but did not recognize this interpretation.

My personal interpretation is that the middle woman is the United States, the woman behind the phoenix is ​​China, and the side is seriously considering what the Asian woman is Japan, and the other is lying. Russia.

Chinese women touched Dongfeng did not impose rising, just expressing "doing East". Russian girl is not a "Xianggong" that is confident. Carefully observe that her posture will find that it is clear that she is not paying attention to the beauty, and the Chinese girl will sneak the card. This is exactly the moment of change, so the card on her table has a little.

The little girl who took the knife was obviously discovered. Her sight stays on a Chinese female face that is preparing to sneak the card to the Russian woman. American woman seems to have found out from the expression of the little girl ...

The peasants who have said that the little girls have just entered the city seem too barely. I think it may be a representative of people, and sitting is a government. In this game, this game is actually a political game. How is the general Chinese, but it is not good.

I am even more daren with the explanation of the stone crossing the river. I tend to think that the house depicting the clouds of the clouds.

As for the tattoos, I can't think of it. I can't explain the graphic of the waist. I plan to simply regard the tattoo as a picture, and design a tattoo in the picture gold position, a nice means, at least one, more impactful.


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