Don't, Naddvie, Goodbye, Czech gold generation

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The noun from the golden field seems to be from Portugal.

More than ten years ago, there were a young rookie, such as Fisota, such as the young and a young and a young team, who has won the world's world.

The Portuguese football gold is starting

Thereafter, more people like to give gold a generation of many stars that have emerged in a certain time.

Of course refers to those first-class or quasi-first class teams.

For this ultra-first-class team in Argentina, Brazil, their lineup is luxurious, and any generation is their gold generation.

Several national teams can be like Argentina Brazil

This is also the case, not everyone can do Microsoft CEO, and there are not a few chain supermarkets to eat Wal-Mart.

More people are ordinary, but they hope to stand higher, they can see farther

These ordinary people are fans to give gold a generation of too many expectations.

The victory of the golden generation, people report more applause and cheers

The failure of the golden generation, people give more sympathy and comfort

Victory gold generation, merit

Failed gold generation, tragic

In Eastern Europe, there is a country called Czech

In the Czech Republic, there is a war name called Nadvid

In 1996, the Championships, the group competition, Czech 1: 0 will be out of Italy

Nadvier scored a winning ball, marking the beginning of the core Czech golden generation as Neld Vid Poski

I remember that I was still a high school.

In 2006, graduate students graduated.

Ten years, from the teenaged Naddvid to the present, the old Dedwide

Ten years, football gave countless honors with Nadvede, the player of the merits is less than the performance of the World Cup stage.

In the World Cup in 2006, Naddvid was still the brave and incomparable endon.

Unfortunately, there is too little too little to leave ...

0: 2 Lons to the Italian team, the Ten years of the Czech Ten years, the journey of this night leisurely draws a number

Nedvede, this brilliant ten years will gradually stay away from people.

One of the unconscious reports, Naddvid persisted 15 kilometers every day while vacation

No need to confirm, Ning Ke believes that true

Naddvid is such a iron man


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