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1. What level is undergraduate? Is it going to study?

There are ten skills that have 5 skills to meet the satisfaction. It has basically no need to read research, or undergraduate learning has achieved a high level (I am very far, sweat! Should I think other standards?)

1) You already think that C and assembly language are very simple languages, and can be freely used.

2) You can learn about the ideas and directions of some important algorithms, often thinking about the algorithm problem from the perspective of collection.

3) You can understand why STL is so important.

4) Can independently solve most of the compilation and link issues.

5) You mainly get information and learning through your English website.

6) Read the original book and technical documentation

7) Recognize the importance of linear algebra and probabilityism in actual programming.

8) Fully understand the design ideas of COM.

9) From the actual reason, C is better than other languages.

10) For less familiar projects, it is possible to get started and played with strong self-study, and familiar with the development process.

PS: 1. English useless is ghost, the sooner we know that the importance of English is, the more it is good for himself. Read more English papers or technical documents, multi-in-English website, deliberately cultivate your own English level. English reading ability is not difficult in inch! 2. A classic book and a bad book is very likely to be fatal! 3. The three major capabilities that should be grasped in the undergraduate phase: establish a computer architecture, master a basic programming language, and the OO mechanism is like this. The most important thing is to understand what you have to do, don't wait for the boss to tell you what to do? 5. Reading a graduate language is the most essential most essential, but at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the depth of theory, develop creative thinking, and penetrate.

2. What can computer you can learn? What should I do if I don't have interest? Computer learning mainly refers to practical experience and theoretical learning, such as driving development, software development projects do not need too much creativity, more requires patience and practical experience, and distributed computing, parallel computing, cryptography, network All aspects of security, artificial intelligence, pattern identification, image compression, data retrieval, virtual reality, etc., the scientific courses are the foundation of a certain field by relatively profound theoretical learning and solid mathematics. Especially the content of the textbook is the basic outdated content, but it is the foundation of this field. It also needs more learning. Most of the computer knowledge is self-studying. It is only difficult to stand inch. The computer's application can penetrate all aspects of life. There are many aspects of computer research. There are also many ways to further deepen, and the countless fields of the computer are discovered. If it is not interested in computer science, it is likely because you don't have a real contact computer. Contacted to the field you are interested in, but no matter how, you can understand each door class of computer science, and you will definitely help and understand the issues you want to study. What's more, is the basic mathematical and English or programming language, data structure, etc.

3. How to self-study? Does the teacher have no effect? Learning is mainly by yourself. "Teacher leads the door, practice relies on individuals." Teacher can give you the direction of the discipline, let you quickly understand the essence of the discipline, and give you myself. A teacher with endless resources - the network is waiting for you, there are brothers, libraries are people and places you learn. Teachers and brothers can recommend the most classic books to let you read (don't tell me you only look at the textbook), tell you some of the most prone to problems and their lessons (of course, you want you to ask them, a lot Learn to excellent people). You can also find a book review online, netizens recommend a lot of books, because there are many classic books in the field, which is more important to seize the order. Maybe you can see those books in the library, or the old saying, try to see the classic textbooks of foreign countries, have a good Chinese translation, so that you will quickly, the textbooks of foreign books, foreign books It will also make you refreshing, for some technologies, there are some special websites, forums and some very good blog, and there are all kinds of tutorials that make you very convenient. For general areas, it is recommended to begin a lot of learning, including technical background, technical specifications, and then a large amount of specific practices, while paying attention to summarizing and analyzing, learning your most interested direction, if your energy is enough Plus you enough, you can have a few times a good time. In general, it is recommended to learn a direction or two directions. As the field of undergraduate courses, you can learn a good job. Especially some important disciplines, strongly proposal to learn! PS: 1. Don't ignore the learning and research on an important course because the teacher is not good, otherwise you will regret life! At least it may be you have to use a lot of time to learn this knowledge. 2. Libraries You are where you should go, although we are a school and teachers' school, but in recent years, libraries have purchased a lot of computers, and they also save a lot of computer classic books, worth look more. Especially for classmates who don't like students who have learned online or can't afford a high computer professional book, it is a good place. But many times, you may not borrow books, because it is still porridge, we can choose to make an appointment, more time to check the books you want to borrow, close attention, in general, in time In your hand, in addition, I went to the library to see if I returned. Also, for books that are not borrowed for a moment, there are reservations in the new hall reading room, you can read the book inside, the environment is good and you can often see some libraries of library books.

4. Is there an impact on the environment? How to consciously learn? Personally think that the engineering students are not very strong here, we should pay more attention to the environment and atmosphere training, especially our computer students, a computer can ruin a bedroom, a person's bad habit destroyed a bedroom or even Bring a class. This situation is most likely to appear on a low grade classmate. Online games, various network information, movies, and TV dramas are full of our lives, and appropriate relaxation is necessary and it is necessary. If everyone often escaped the class's nature, everyone should reflect on the students around you or around, what are we doing recently? What have we learned? The temporary satisfaction of online games and afterwards are all proportional, the more you meet, the more you lose, the less you learn, the more regrets, bringing you, you haven't learned anything. . At the same time, active learning, discuss each other, competition and improved atmospheres is worth advocating. Don't make sense, don't visit some bored sites to see some bored news, or a full-purpose water, these don't have any benefits for learning, and it is also a waste of time, maybe just So addictive without playing games. At the same time, if you have a clear goal and a strong sense of joy, you will consciously learn. Sometimes don't look at the students around you, more and excellent people, will make your learning more powerful. PS: I have been thinking about what is atmosphere? How should we know it? What is the impact of our learning (engineering learning of liberal arts atmosphere) or help? The ambience of exclusion is not right. In fact, such an atmosphere is also a general science school that cannot be multi-specific. You can get a lot of liberal arts, which can better improve your overall quality. But at the same time, it should be very good to grasp a scale, more energy placed in professional learning and thinking about the discipline. Such a society we will be able to adapt to such a society later.

5. What do you need to learn from the university? Do you have a strong social responsibility? Are you still doing bad with people to exchange or do things? Is your communication skills lack? Are you a positive active, a goal, and optimistic about the people? Are you still interested in legal, management, music, and sports? Show yourself in your university. Your own shortcomings slowly disappear, let your life are more fulfilling and beautiful! More and excellent people together, let excellent be your habits! Otherwise, it is very likely to be ahead, then step by step, step by step backwards!


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