Several interview topics of Microsoft Asian Academy (ATC)

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I heard that Microsoft recruits summer INTERN, so I vote for a Microsoft Academy of Engineering, and then experienced a written test and two interviews, an interview in Guangzhou Zhongxin Building 66, Microsoft offices. Another time is a telephone interview, the phone is called directly from Beijing. The topic of the interview is actually a basic basis, and the foundation knowledge is mainly. Below, according to my memory, some of the questions:

The first is the foundation of C , the problem includes:

1. Talk about what you have for C ?

2. What is the difference between Static and C inside the C language.

3. Why is the destructor of the foundation class in C typically use virtual functions (Virtual).

I have answered these problems, it seems that the foundation of C is still too bad, hehe.

Then there is a problem with the data structure and STL (Standard Template Library):

4. How should I achieve if a sequence requires frequent insertion and deletion?

5. If you want you to implement STL, what data structure do you use?

The previous one said with the list of chain sheets, and the next one is depressed. I really didn't seriously studied STL, I said a lot, what ish, binary heap has blown. This answer obviously can't satisfy the interviewer, and he tells me that set is achieved with a sort tree.

It seems that I am not light in the language, STL is also very bad, I usually know using it, I don't know how to study, and I will hit my soft rib.

Finally, the title of the program is required to write half a clock to write to the email address of the interviewer. The topics are more classic algorithms. I started to ask me to write a program for the biggest sub-segment and I said that this is not a dynamic plan for o (n), I have written many times (big words, sweat).

The interviewer immediately said, then change a topic, convert a 7-way number into 3-based number, 7-based number with String.

The credit conversion is not difficult, I started to pay one, only to handle integers (int), and cannot handle large numbers. Later, the interviewer was unsatisfactory, and I wrote another program that can handle large numbers. In fact, it can't be said to be written on the spot because I borrow a high-precision class in my routine library, but I've been written.

I feel that ATC's work attitude is very serious. The MM of human resources has given me several calls to determine the written test and interview. The interviewer is also good. No matter where I can go to ATC internship, the chances of these interviews are very rare, giving me a lot of beneficial enlightenment.

In the end, the topic of the Zhongxin Building is very good, you can see the entire Tianhe District, see the square of Guangzhou East Railway Station. When I stood in Microsoft's conference room, I was very beautiful when I came and went to the city's high-rise building and came and going. I hope to have the opportunity to go once again.


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