How to get a summer vacation?

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The four levels have passed in the flat, and the answers have also seen, but they don't know what their results are. No matter how much it is, it is a matter of time. Now it is busy with the final exam, and the dormitory can't go online. Write a diary. Since the last week, I consider what this summer is doing. In fact, I really want to find a job, no matter what you do not make money, it is always in the family, this is going to the city today, see if you can find a part-time job there. However, there is no chance, I have to change the day.

How to say that you are also a big one, you should go through something, and you are not interested in the recruitment of the school stickers, it is not a problem, it is a bitter labor, it is better to go home. Go to dry. Those things you have learned are just awkward. I am afraid that I want to find some things. In fact, it is better to find some kind of society. Really don't have something in the school.

Swallows went home to learn, Azhu's work of crafts, the warning will increase, and everyone has all the plans, truly a little out of the taste of the school. . .

What should I do this summer?


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