Guangdong 13-year-old girl, IELTS, Sinothelon's total score is the highest

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After another twenty days, I have to pass the 14-year-old birthday, I received a special "birthday gift" yesterday: In the IELTS test in the last month, the little girl who studied at the third grade of Guangdong Experimental Middle School Comprehensive points 8.5 (9 points for 9 points), including reading, listening, and speaking single subjects. According to the results published by IELTS test, the results of Ting Ting have been the highest in the country.

Primary school is in junior high school free in English lesson

Yesterday evening, the nose was on the ground with glasses, and the petite Zhong Yu Ting and parents appeared in front of the reporter. Talking about this exam, the little girl tapped out: "I will take the word inside, I have to test the new topic 'TOEFL' next month, it is easier, fun than IELTS."

Not her pride. As early as 10 years old, she passed the national public English four-level examination equivalent to undergraduate graduation, and began to browse foreign collegesmann websites from the age of 9, and often communicate with the US Middle School Mathematics Senior Teachers. Explore the mathematical topics that the US junior high school students need to do. She said that the joy of the interesting math topics of foreign countries, making her more clarity to learn English to use a useful tool. "

From primary school to junior high school, because the degree of English is far from the same age, Yu Ting has been allowed by the school. In the English class, in addition to the interactive games to participate, when other students listen to the class, she reads English original, writes English essays and novels. In her opinion, all kinds of exams participating in IELTS are just "let themselves keep learning English."

It is worth mentioning that the fourth grade of Zhong Yu Ting Primary School became a small reporter of "Lingnan Youth Daily", Zeng All English interviewed Disney Touring activities, and its performance made many "adult reporters" in the scene. I have won the title of "Lingnan Youth Daily" excellent small reporters for 3 consecutive years, and on behalf of the newspaper participated in the first China excellent small reporter selection and won the title of "Star Small Reporter".

"Flour explosion" experiment in the kitchen

It is even more difficult to, not only English ability is outstanding, not in mathematics, biological, chemistry, and ancient texts. Last year, she just won the first prize of the Guangdong Provincial Biological League and the first place in Guangzhou. In recent "monthly test", she took four "first place" in six courses, and the total division has been higher than the second place. She was embarrassed to tell the reporter that her most, university was the US MIT.

When the daughter's face, the hourly mother told reporters to report the reporter, and her daughter fideliously fell in the kitchen to do experiments that did not ask for handle operations. I was particularly thrilling in the last time, she took advantage of the floppy, and then ignited the candles inside, and she took a small "explosion" and gave it to the ground.

And Dad playing dolls in English

Zhong Yu Ting's parents did not deny that the daughter's excellent first benefit from the "entry method". Zhong Dad is a senior engineer. When he first took the 7-year-old Juting learning English, he took the form of "fairy tale" education: one English name is taken to each doll at home, and the father and the two will pick a role play, facing "English 900" dialogue practice. Zhong Dad leaving the traditional phonetic symbol, the words, the sentence, starting from "Hello" and other daily terms, let the children learn to spell the spelling, no need to help memories in Chinese translation. Soon, a thick "English 900 sentence" is overcome.

Parents said that daughters are not a language genius, and couples often talk with Chongqing hometown, she has not learned. However, in the primary school stage learning method, guide the child to cultivate interest and learning autonomy.


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