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Macd is proposed in 1979, which is a polymerization and separation between the short-term (common to 12th) moving average (common to 26 days) moving average, selling, selling Technical indicators for the time of the study. (1) The formula is as follows: Weighted average index (DI) = (the highest index on the day of the day 2 times the day minimum index) 12-day smooth coefficient (L12) = 2 / (12 1) = 0.1538 Twenty-six-day smooth coefficient (L26) = 2 / (26 1) = 0.0741 12-day index mean (12th EMA) = L12 × 当 日 收 指 11 / (12 1) × Yesterday's 12th EMA Twenty-six-day index (26 EMA) = L26 × Daily closed index 25 / (26 1) × Yesterday's 26 EMA Identity (DIF) = 12th EMA-26 EMA Nine DiF Average Value (DEA) = Near 9th DIF and 9 Column (BAR) = Dif-Dea Macd = (Dif - Yesterday DIF) × 0.2 Yesterday's MACD (2) Application Principle: 1. When Dif Break through the MACD, forming gold cross, a cross-shaped DIF cross-formed cross-formed cross. At the same time, BAR (green line) is shortened, for the buy signal. 2. When the DIF breaks down the MACD downward, form a crossed cross, the white DIF is formed, and the yellow MACD is formed. At the same time, BAR (red line) is shortened, and the signal is sold. 3. Top from: When the stock price index is elevated, DIF and MACD are not synchronous, but the decline in the wave, forming a top deviation from the stock price trend. It is predicted that the stock price will fall. If the DIF occurs through the MACD twice at this time, the stock price will fall sharply. (See the figure below).

4. Backs from the bottom: When the stock price index is downward, the DIF and MACD are not synchronized, but the wave rises, and the stock price will be departed, indicating that the stock price is about to rise. If the DIF occurs through the MACD twice at this time, two gold crossings are formed, and the stock price will rise substantially. MACD is mainly used to judge the trend of long-term rising or falling trends. When the stock price is not obvious in the disc or index fluctuation, the MACD trading signal is not obvious. When the stock price is large in a short period of time, due to the movement of MACD, it will not immediately change the stock price. MACD (MOVING AVERGE CONVERGERGERGERGERGENCE) Chinese Name: Smoothing with mobile average, is published by Gerald Appel first in the SYSTEMS AND ForeCasts book, mainly using long short-term smooth average, calculating difference between the two As a basis for the development of the market. Algorithm: Diff line closing price Short-term, long-term exponent smoothing moving average line DEA line DIFF line M-day index smooth moving average line MACD line DIFF line and DEA line difference, color column line parameters: short (short), long (Long-term), M days, generally 12,26,9 usage: 1.Diff, DEA is positive, DIFF breaks through DEA, buy signal. 2. Diff, DEA is negative, DIFF decreases DEA, sells signals. 3. DEA line is deviated from the K line, and the market is reversed. 4. Analyze the MACD columnar line, by being positive and negative, sell signals; caused by negative, and buy signals.

The MACD indicator is a tendency of the price closing price (find an arithmetic mean) based on the homogeneous configuration principle. It is mainly composed of two parts, ie positive negative difference (DIF), aspect average (DEA), where the positive and negative difference is the core, and DEA is auxiliary. DIF is the difference in fast smoothing moving average (EMA1) and slow smooth moving average (EMA2). In the existing technical analysis software, the MACD common parameter is a fast smooth moving average of 12, and the slow smooth moving average line parameter is 26. In addition, MACD has an auxiliary indicator-columnar line (BAR). In most technical analysis software, the historic line is color, and below the 0 axis is green, higher than the 0 axis is red, the former represents the weaker, and the latter represents the trend. Let's take a base principle that you should follow using the MACD indicator: 1. When DIF and DEA are in a 0-axis, it is a multi-head market, and the DIF line is from under the DEA line to buy a signal. When the DIF line passes through the DEA line, if the two-wire value is still in the 0-axis or more, it can only be considered a short fading, and it is not possible to determine the turning point. At this point, it is also necessary to use other indicators to synthesize. judgment. 2. When DIF and DEA are below the 0 axis, it belongs to the air market. When the DIF line is from the top of the DEA line, it is a sold signal. When the DIF line passes through the DEA line, if the two-wire value is still in the 0 axis, it can only be considered a short rebound, but cannot be determined. Trend turning, if you buy it, you need to use other indicators to comprehensively judge. 3. Columnar wire shrink and zoom in. In general, the continuous contraction of the historic line indicates that the intensity of the trend is gradually weakened. When the columnar color changes, the trend determines the transfer. However, this view cannot be fully established during some MACD indicators for some time cycle. 4. Form and departure. The MACD indicator also emphasizes the morphology and departure. When the MACD indicator's DIF line is formed in a high-bit look, such as the head, double head, etc., should be keeled; when the MACD indicator DIF line is formed by the MACD line to form a low-grade mode, it should be considered for buying. . When judging the morphology, the MACD line is secondary. When the price continues to rise, while the MACD indicator comes out of a wave than a wave of trend, it means that the top deviation appears, indicating that the price will might be downward, when the price continues, but the MacD indicator has come out When the wave is higher than one wave, it means that the appearance of the bottom departure, indicating that the price will fall quickly and rose. 5. The indicators in the cowhide market will distort. When the price is not from top, it is running down, but we call the cowhide city, at this time, the false signal will be generated in the MACD indicator, indicator DIF line and MACD line Cross will be very frequent, while the columnar lines are returned frequently, and the color will often be red and red, and the MACD indicator is in distortion, and the value is correspondingly reduced. Among many technical indicators, MACD is one of the simple and practical indicators, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized investors who want to master certain technical indicators. Let's talk about the use of MACD:

1. Quote prediction using the value of DIF and DEA and the relative value between the two.

(1) When DIF and DEA are positive, they are a multi-head market. DIFs break through the DEA is a bought signal, and DIF fell below DEA. It can only be considered a backup. (2) When DIF and DEA are negative, they are empty markets. DIF breaks down DEA is a sold signal. DIF is only considered to rebound. Analysis by the curve shape of DIF is mainly used to use the principle of departing from the indicator. Specifically: If the DIF moves away from the stock price, it is taken for a specific action. However, according to the above principles to guide actual operation, accuracy is not satisfactory. After years of practice, exploration and summary, the author has been integrated with 5 days, the 10-day equivalent line, 5th, 10th average line and MACD, and its accuracy is greatly improved.

(1) After the stock price, after a long fall, the share price will begin to rise slowly, 5 days, 10th average line, 5th, 10-day measuring line and MACD have a gold intersection, referred to as the three gold fork At this time, it is the signal of the stock price, the more the number of crosses, and the bottom is constantly increasing, the higher the accuracy, the stock is about to go out of a wave of rise. Such as: 0933 Shenhuo Shares, on January 5, 2000, the stock 5 days, 10th average line, 5th, 10th average cable and Mac Dight at the bottom gold fork, i.e., three gold trigers, at this time For the best time of intervention, the stock has a wave of strong attack. In 3 months, the share price rose from 10.69 yuan to 17.50 yuan, up to 70%.

(2) When the stock price has a big rise, it has been sought after by many small and medium investors. The main force began to distribute. At this time, the 10-day price line, 5th, 10-day average cable and MACD simultaneously It is the best time to sell. If you have a little hesitial, the stock price will be diarrhea. Such as 0722 Golden Fruit Industry, due to the three dead fork in March 2000, it is a strong selling signal. Subsequently, the stock price will fall, in just 2 months, 27.17 yuan fell to 13.46. Yuan, the decline is amazing. After the main force fled, the following is a continuous fell.


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