Ginger rice tea

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I have heard of a black rice weight loss method last year. It is said that there is a lot of cellulose in this thing, so it will be very full, then do not produce carbohydrates. Someone eats black rice every day for a month, and it has lost more than 10 pounds. At that time, I ran to the supermarket and bought a pack. I found that black rice cooking or boiled porridge, I need to put the molf for one night in advance, and may not be able to cook. After I got it, I gave up, and the black rice left now.

I bought a mixer on Taobao two days. It is purely my heart, I saw it cheaper than the market price, and it is used to do some soy milk. Summer ice is very nutritious. A set of 3 cups, one is specially tanguzil and juice, one is specifically stirring, and one is specializing in grinding dry goods into powder. I tried every cup and I thought of the remaining black rice when I was a dry powder cup. Write black rice into powder, then use water to cook, can you save the bubble? And the rice flour paste may eat as a hometown, ginger tea!

I took a few times a few times into powder, burned a pot of water, wait until the water, slowly put the powder slowly, add some salts, slowly stir with a spoon ... until it became a dark Rice paste. It's really good! If you add a buns or fritters, make breakfast is really delicious.

It is so simple to practice, ginger tea! Just add some ginger to go in, replace the black rice with ordinary glutinous rice, you can do it. The elderly and children can eat better, because they have no teeth --_-!

Next, I have to ponder, I can also grind what I have to change the transformation ...

I remember to eat a miscarpi pepper when I was young, and the glutinous rice was ground, and the fresh red pepper was smashed into the end, and then marinated in the cylinder. After a period of time, I took it out and boiled it, I scored it, then cooked a small fish or a green head, as long as I had this dish, there were no problems in the white rice, and the other dishes were not needed. I don't want to waste raw materials, I have to find an old town asks for concrete practices - P-.


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