Apply an XHTML standard in the ASP.NET page? There seems to have problems ...

zhaozj2021-02-08  255

The new "magazine channel" has been basically developed. I spent more time trying to meet the XHTML 1.0 transitional criteria, but today tested it, there are still many mistakes, simple summary:

1. Pay attention to the transformation of the old HTML 4.0X tag, empty tag to add end sign,

, ,

... (web The empty label generated by FORM is ended, good!)

2. If you continue to use the table tag (inevitable, the template of the DataList type is often Table), remember to add the summary property! (It seems that generated Table will not add this ...)

3. The IMG tab cannot omit the ALT attribute!

4. The label cannot nested

. Trouble, if you use UserControl, web Form will automatically label the area of ​​UserControl as span ...

Verification tool:

W3C Markup Validation Service, HTML TIDY.

Conclusion: Preliminary conclusion is to use more Web Form controls, almost impossible to produce good XHTML code ... I haven't viewed the relevant documentation of Web Forms, and may have a way to make it standard. // SAD ...


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