Learning notes: Characteristics of social science

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Earl R. Babbie is the Thai Hall of the Social Science Community. He summarized in Survey Research Methods includes (lazy translation, copying directly):

Logical: Scientists Use Inductive and Deductive Logic To Achieve Their Goals. Theories Must Not Contain Logical InconstentEncies.

DETERMINISTIC: Scientists Assume That Events Happen for Reason. Things do not "Just Happen."

The AIM Is To Und Overall Patterns of Events. The Larger The Scope That Is Explained, The More Useful IT IS.

Parsimonious: The aid of understanding from the smallest number of variables.

Specific: The scientist must be specificiic about the methods of measurement use to investigate a given phenomenon.

Empirical Verifiable: Propositions and theories Must Be Testable in The Real World.

INTERSUBJECTIVE: Descriptions of Observations Are Sufficiently Detailed That Other Scientists Should Be Aable To Replicate The Observations.

Open to modification: as time passes, new evidency may be expected to revise existing Ways of thinking about a phenomenon.

Here (http://www.china-socialwork.org/socialsencise.htm) There is a Article of Peuge's translation of Peuge's translation of Peuge R. Babbie, "The Value Purpose of Social Science Research", the article is good, but there are more garbled. Of course, there are also a classic work of Earl R. Babbie, or it is more addicted to it.


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