MSN 6.2 latest experience

zhaozj2021-02-08  215

I downloaded MSN6.2 today, and the good feelings of MSN let me start installing him.

During the installation process, option: Do you have an MSN toolbar installed. Think about it is the same as Google, just use the MSN search engine. For the trust of MS, I chose to install it.

Installation, reopen IE, you can see that the MSN toolbar has been inserted into IE. To be honest, pretty, consistent MS style. So I want to test the MSN search, enter keywords: Codelphi, but ... look at what appears

Can't find a web page? Take a closer look at things inside address bar ...! ! ! This is a thing that curses tens of thousands of times, internally, the emperor appears in front of my eyes. As for why I can't find a web page, it is very simple, I blocked him.

Take a look at MsNToolbar options:

Now I don't know if I have a 3721 ghost ...

This time, MS really made me sad ...

But what can I do, I can only say: fuck!


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