Solve the conflict method for developing Web applications and Subversion in

zhaozj2021-02-08  185

Upon back to the way you can use the right way to resolve the VS.NET development web application and the Subversion conflict, but it is still a little more trouble. This time, another method: conversion.

Last time I said that only the web application will have this problem, other types of applications have no problem, can we convert web applications into other types of applications? Try now:

Suppose we have a web application called WebApplication1,

1. Delete WebApplication1.csproj.Webinfo. 2. Use a text editor to open WebApplication1.csproj, change the projecttype = "Web" to ProjectType = "Local".

Open WebApplication1.csproj with, look normal :)

But this clicks cannot be debugged, and this feature is restored below:

3. Right click on the WebApplication1 project and select Properties. 4. Select "Start ASP.NET Debug" to "True". 5. In "Configuration Properties", "Debug" will change the "debug mode" from "project" to "URL". 6. Click "Apply". 7. Fill in "Start URL": http://localhost/webapplication1/webform1.aspx8. Click to run, everything is normal :)


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