Listening to the class: Mr. Li Kai Fu in Tsinghua last night

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Listening to the class: Mr. Li Kai Fu in Tsinghua last night

On April 21, Mr. Li Kai Fu was in Peking University because of too many listeners, I had to talk two games. On the afternoon of April 22, Li opened in Sina and netizens. At 19:00 on April 22, Li Kai completed almost all major leaders with the Microsoft Asian Institute and the Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua School. At 19:00 to 22 on April 22, Li Kai Fu delivered a speech in the Tsinghua main building and answered students. This weekend, Li Kai Fu also went to Hainan to participate in the Boao Forum. - This schedule is still quite tense.

I listen to Mr. Li Kai Fu last night at Tsinghua 's speech. I used to know more about the treatment of Li Kai Fu and the idea of ​​Li Kai Fu. But this time I listened to a speech, I was also touched many times. First copy the listening notes last night, and the right is war.

Speech Title: Technology, Talent, Education - Inspiration from Travel 30

Speaker: Li Kai Fu

Time: April 22, 2004

Venue: Tsinghua Main Building

Emotional main line throughout the speech (I am here to work and live for happiness.

Mr. Li Kai Fu's motto (I am listening to the record, not fully accurate, but most of this):

I hope that I have enough courage to change everything I can change.

I hope that I have enough metrics to accept everything I can't change.

I hope that I have enough wisdom to tell the difference between the two.


1 China's rise

The reason for China's rise: the cost advantage, the market is huge, the policy environment, the Chinese people's diligence and perseverance

China is facing crossroads: or develop as large economies, or further develop into super power

Decreasing the foundation: technology, talents, education

2 Advantages of the United States

There is a benign circulation in the United States, and its core is talent.

Enterprise, Products ----> Customers, Wealth

// |

| Talents |

| //

Scientific research, education <---- government

3 US technology advantages: scientific research

Product research

Important is not innovation, but "useful" innovation

(Mr. Opening, repeatedly emphasized "useful" two words)

College research

Anonymous application for research funding, anonymous anonymous system for anonymous review

Objective assessment

Extremely rarely college research and enterprise research mix

(Guarantee the quality of research, there is a guarantee of scientific research staff to earn faster

National research

National scientific research and collaboration in research in colleges and universities

Help the country to develop scientific development directions by master people

4 US technology advantages: scientific research transfer

Researchers pay attention to new concepts and new ideas

Product developers pay attention to customer needs, pay attention to product competitiveness

Strictly separate the research and product development in the company, or it is incorrect.

Microsoft experience in this area

A Let the researchers become a new technology sales, selling to the product department

b Let the product department feedback to the research department and industrial trends.

c two different institutions have a common goal, there are partnerships, communication channels, but

Strict classification

D allows talents to transfer, flow between two institutions

5 US technology advantages: product culture

For companies, culture (how to do things) is more important than business (what to do).

Microsoft's corporate culture and values

a is willing to meet huge challenges and persevere

B enthusiastic faces customers, partners and technology

C to the results, commitment and quality

D is never complacent, always pursue excellence

6 US talent advantages

people oriented

Talents in the information age are more important

Microsoft's promotion of talents is almost a kind of religious belief

(Steve Ballmer has a "talent report", which recorded micro

Soft 600 senior talents. Ballmer reading "people before going to sleep"

Report ", look for opportunities)

(Li Kai resolutely played a key role in Microsoft hired Xu Fengxiong. Two people are classmates in Carnegie Menlong)


Don't let the management structure of the tree type in the organization rigid

Don't have narrow talent protectionism in your organization

In Microsoft, the superiors can directly promote the talents in the department

Talent system

Microsoft followed the talent system included

Employing people than you

Strict admission process

All employees

People do their best, multi-directional development (reserved different development tracks for different talents)

Diversified talent

Research talents, engineering talents, programming talents, architectures, test talents, support

Talent ...

Manage talents, business talents, market talents ...

7 leadership

All the basic capabilities that want to be leaders should have: management, control, plan,


The value of leaders should have: integrity, direct communication, active, enthusiasm,

Self-criticism, lifelong learning

Excellent leadership should have the ability: interpersonal relationship, team spirit, communication expression,

Get along with people, emotional, self-control, co-care, social ability)

Excellent leadership should have the ability: modest, courage, perseverance

8 US education advantages: universities

University is the elite place

The United States concentrated the world's best university

Private universities have achieved huge success in the United States

Flexible system

good idea

Good leadership team

Adhere to your own characteristics

American teachers

There are a lot of first-class masters

Professor is the work that people dream of

It is very difficult to get lifelong positions.

Peer evaluation system

Management method

Separate corporate behavior and research

teaching methods

Flexible teaching

Direct communication

"I don't agree with you, but I support you"

Ideological and open

Teacher 's thoughts and students

Encourage students to chase interests, pursue happiness

The most important thing is not learning a subject, but mastering learning methods

9 summary

Education produces talents, talents have spawned technology, only technology can make the country

The new century is the century of Chinese

China should be humaneously studying the successful experience in the United States while maintaining China's characteristics.

Mr. Li Kai Fu believes in China can become a super strong country, and the Chinese nation can be the most creative nation.

Answer student ask questions:

1 What is your definition of success?

Success is the best yourself, you can get the biggest happiness.

In contrast, more Americans pursue happiness, and more Chinese pursue work, name, and benefit.

But people who ultimately seek happiness can often get work, name, and benefit inadvertently.

Because we are interested in yourself, we will always put the most energy, always do it well.

So don't compare with others, you can only value your own happiness.

2 China and India comparison?

China is better than India in many ways. But only in software, China's education, talents,

Technology is much poor in India.

Indians are accustomed to customer-centric, Chinese people are accustomed to technology-centric (Chinese people)

Self-optimistic, always want to learn the United States).

India does not ask for technological innovation, willing to do a lower level of work such as outsourcing.

But India has many innovations on the management process, which has some Dell in the hardware field.

India's education system has prepared adequate and road talents for outsourcing services.

3 China's development direction?

Four ideas:

A China also has to vigorously develop outsourcing business, and learn to study in India (the country must have some "

Ming), take a low cost into the market

B China has a complete traditional economy (many more India), you can help traditional industries

Software industry grows and allows the software industry to serve traditional industry (vigorously developing

Software and software services, build your own software ecosystem)

c Jumping development in the fields of network, entertainment, mobile phones, wireless, and developing the world leading

Technology and products

D development education

4 Relationship between home and career?

Paying attention to the happiness of the family, also pays attention to the happiness of the cause, but also pays more attention to the cause of the former to the career, working 14 hours a day, and stays on Saturdays and Sunday to the family.


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