Thunder, rain, hurry down the patch

zhaozj2021-02-08  178

When I go home and open the computer, I found that XP started to patch again ...

Why is it used?

There is still no past, and the new vulnerabilities have appeared again, Microsoft's revision of new defect system security will increase.

MS Update solemnly prompt:

Windows Server 2003 Security Update (KB840374) Download Size: 599 KB, <1 minute is now confirmed to have a security problem, attackers may use this problem to endanger the security of the computer that runs Windows and obtains full control of the computer. You can help you protect your computer by installing this update provided by Microsoft. After installing this update, you may have to restart your computer. More information ... (may be an English site.)

All brothers and sisters who are still using Windows XP and Windows2003's most secure operating system, hurry up and patch! Otherwise, it's really safe ...

The computer that cannot be turned on is naturally the safest computer.

Maybe I don't know what the wave is coming again tomorrow ... It's really "the wave of waves" ...

It's a pity that I won't have nosebleeds and only congestion.


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