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Because many brothers ask me to picture, and I have too many pictures, it is more difficult to find, if I have to go up, I don't want to install the NGA space. There are many brothers who collect things, only give it to everyone. Going, and by the way, I will pay for me more than 3 years to collect, and connect the boutique to everyone. At the same time, because of too many websites, I haven't finished it for a long time, I can't release it all, but I will continue to update, I hope everyone understands that the red lettering is strongly recommended, the orange font is generally recommended, the blue font is everyone can go Look, the website belonging to my personal interested website art design tutorial class China design window is not only the design of the world's master design, many downloads, there is a series of brothers who are interested in design, this website must be collected The first choice for China's PS Alliance is also very famous. The Alliance Forum is one of the forums I often go. Here is a work competition from time to time, a lot of works, but the master is not a lot ... The website of the most famous design magazine website will be updated regularly. Here is the idea of ​​many masters. I will go to the place where I am going to learn things. The blue ideal here is my earliest contact PS, Flash learning The place. This website is like NGA in my heart. Dofoto I have ever seen the best design website, there are many other places to download, the features here are more design resource downloads, it is designer every day. The place. Personally recommend !!!!!! Wheat studio is good tutorial Base Rong Baozhai Chinese Art Network to the national discipline, you can see the CGNetworks abroad, you can't see the Beijing Film Academy here is what I often go. Website, too many ideas knowledge, if you are interested, you can go to see 3D tutorial download Simple 3D tutorial download Chinese tutorial network various software tutorials basically, recommend ing magic game creation world Maya tutorial base, if there is a brother To learn Maya, I can't learn something, I can't do it, I have learned MAYA, or I am not connected to the entrance, I'm more PS, CD, FL tutorial, can look at the Silicon Valley PS tutorial is suitable for beginners Going to the website about ABOUTCG China CG stations, can not see the Pacific PS tutorial Personal feel more comprehensive than the basic tutorial of Silicon Valley, more suitable for beginners to see. Here is the advanced tutorial, pay attention to the connection, you can see the Soanala Korea 3D stations, you can't understand Korean can also go to see the things of the things of others, the Empire Flash Station, you can learn more because I have a Classmates are Flash masters, I am less flash websites, they are all in a mess, I don't listed 5D a more comprehensive tutorial network. You can take a look at Amazon Soul 3D Foreign 3D Grand Station CEE-GEE Foreign 3D The work collection, can not watch the PK, I have already known the 3D Grand Station Rustboy About this site, I don't have to say, I will know if China will play 3D, no one knows?


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