30 details for destroying the company a minute

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This is a commercial age of 1%, 2%, and a message can be lost. This information is a fidelity in his hand, in the opponent's hand is a bomb. Such important information, maybe in the brain of the boss, in the company, a manuscript, even in a garbage basket. It is possible to leak at any time. The result of leakage makes the company suffer losses and destroys the company. What do you want? Let information security "Isn't the installation of anti-virus software, set a password on the computer?" When you think, you will be like a 95% of the world, and it is estimated and underestimate the fatal impact of information on the company; There are 5% of the world, fear, shock, rush to change the influence of information on commercial world, who --- Nokia, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola ...

When you read this article, there are 2 companies in the world that have closed down due to information security issues, and 11 companies have caused more than 8 million direct economic losses because information security issues. This article summarizes 30 fatal details through the surveys of 100 managers, so you can quickly become information security experts.

1. Printer - 10 seconds delay brings information vulnerability. Even if it is a laser printer, there are more than 10 seconds or more, if you are not at the 9th second, the first person who sees the file may not be you. Most modern companies use common printers, and put printers, copiers, etc., in a relatively independent space. As a result, the confidential document between the sectors can start from the equipment room, spread in other sectors, and there is no secret between the sectors, the company has no secret.

2, the back of the paper - the large loss of good habits. Saving paper is a good habit of many companies, and employees tend to be proud of printing paper on the back. In fact, it will have such a "waste paper" of this habit, you will find that printing, copied waste paper contains company secrets, even, even the executive deputy will feel sweat, because the waste paper records the company Comprehensive content than his work diary.

3, computer easy-to-hand - new employee real entry tutor. We believe that all professional managers have had this experience: if you are new to a company, roaming in your own computer is the best channel for the new company. In a state of approximately "peeping", the company has happened to the company, and from the company's previous customer records, rewards and punishments, and even you have a fortunate resignation. If it is the computer of other departments, there is also another fun.

4, share --- do a good job. Sharing in the LAN is the last channel of the company's internal confidentiality. Some companies stipulate that all people will be canceled immediately after sharing. In fact, the more, the greater the risks of the company through the sharing of leaks. Because when people do this, they will use the sharing method to spread information. The way people habits are called at the other side of the colleagues in the open office: "I am in a shared, you come Take it --- "Yes, someone will take it, but it is often not just what you expect.

5, the index contrast - smart is smart. Between traditional production companies, it is often necessary to speculate on the sales quantity of competitors and the number of production. Thus, in order to hide their actual quantity, the index of statistics is introduced, protecting their confidential information by weighting the actual number. The only unfortunately, the simple base period usually taken is usually learned by the other party's real quantity in a few years, and all real numbers appear on the work desk in the competitors.

6. Training --- Information Defense Cars passive. New employees enter the company, most companies will come to see new employees. Starting from the first day of training, new employees have exposed to the company's core customers from the company to key technologies from the company's core customers from the company's core customers from the company's core customers from the company's core customers. But in fact, more than 1/5 employee will leave the company after three months. At the same time, most of them have not left the industry that is engaged in now, and maybe describe a piece of grass in your company in the eyebrows of your competition. 7, fax machine --- you always get the fax sent to you after half an hour. There is always a "no one to receive", there must be an important fax every week; people always "surprised" found that the last page of our fax paper is the beginning of others, and how you started Can't find it.

8. Public equipment - not equal to public information. In small companies or a separate department, people often use U disk, floppy disks or laptop. If you have the opportunity to lend the U disk to the company's new accounting, it is possible to easily get the company's profit and loss table when the other party is returned.

9. Camera --- The bidding opportunity to waving between the breaks. Headquartered in Shanghai, a domestic large-scale advertising company, in March 2004, the information leaked in March 2004, led to the day before, advertising creativity was stolen by competitors, and the reason was an OICQ installed on the OICQ of the master. Between it. The discharge may not be just a chance to cooperate.

10. Product traces - Learn your future by "traces". In the field of market surveys, it is a general method for analyzing product traces to infer the competitors marketing effects and marketing strategies. Product transportation, warehousing, abandoned packaging, can appear in the survey report purchased by competitors, because "trace analysis" is already a regular means of business intelligence collections.

11, Compression Software - The most powerful software for information security. ZIP, RAR is the largest software that threatens the company's information. The storage space of the 3-inch floppy is 1.4m, and the compression software allows large Word files to be easily deposited in a floppy disk, and easily bring all the information to the company.

12. CD burning - the data is lost during the backup process. If you want to take the company's information, the best way is to apply for an CD backup, make the file into a specific format, hand it over to the network administrator backup, and then claim that you can't open it normally, ask for re-backup, most case, stay in the optical drive The "waste tray" can bring out the company after getting off work.

13. Mailbox - the transfer station that is stealing. Companies information that use email shifts to accounted for more than 80% of all information stolen. Many companies do not install floppy drives, optical drives, USB interfaces, but there is no way to avoid employees to steal information through email, compared with the above method, the above method seems to be a naive and comic.

14, hidden partition - long-term stealing company data essential techniques. It is dangerous for a long time to collect information in the company. Your own computer should not be used by others, I found that there should be something in the computer. So hidden in the hard disk partition is the best choice. There are three virtual partitions of C, D, and E, which can hide E, only you can access. Of course, if you encounter your hipster, a total of all the total spaces of all disks can be stuffed.

15. Private computers - a large number of common means of stolen information. The role of compression software is limited, if you get your laptop, connect to a local area network, as long as half an hour, there is a G file or easy to take away.

16. Meeting records - neglected corporate confidentiality. Secretary often see the meeting records very often. They don't know what a high-level meeting record means for competitors. The company can often see someone to lose the meeting record as waste paper, let the company's latest strategic information Any corner of the company appears.

17. It is also an option that is not adopted - abandonment is also a choice. Planner knows that the planned plan is company secret, but often does not know that the abandoned plan is also the company secret. Sometimes it will talk to the customer or media, and the competitors can easily judge: You don't do this, you must choose to do those! 18. Customers - Your confidential is just the talks of allies. You can often see the customer proposal of the famous consulting firm on the Internet. These carefully produced PPTs, condensed the sweat and countless sleepless nights of the consulting company team, may just talk about some free communication in some customers with poor credit customers. .

19. Recruitment activities - Your company actually recruits director? During the recruitment process, mature companies will not put the employers in an advertisement, because it is tallless to tell your competitors: just happened to vibrate, and the human is scarce.

20. Two minutes before the bidding - the last price is always "released" in the final price. If the bottom price of the bid is open, the bigger the risk of leakage, the next two minutes before the start of the bidding, facing the participants of the mobile phone, you can announce the base price!

21. Half an hour after dismissal - don't give him the final opportunity. If the employee being fired is to get this news today, then don't let him return to his computer. Half an hour, just allowed him to pack his supplies, and the old colleague made a short bid, there is no banquet in the world, enough for half an hour, in order to leave the employee, more information security.

22. After the entry, the information collected in the first week is 5 times the usual. Only in this week, he is ready to leave, he is at a crazy copy and transfer status, to prevent your new employee, no matter how much you appreciate him.

23. Half a month after cooperation - the idiom of competitors stealing intelligence is: fake customers. In the half month of the initial cooperation, you can only indicate the rigor of information security, you can win most of the customer's understanding and respect. Unless he is your competitors.

24. 30 days after leaving - danger from the company. Under normal circumstances, a employee for enterprises for more than half a year, within 30 days after leaving the company, will maintain frequent links with the company's existing employees, and exhibit extreme enthusiasm for the company's information and status. If it is departed by the limited time, then the possibility of stealing the company's information through the old colleagues within 30 days.

25. Clearing the principle of foreign proposal - If you don't leave something, you will not give it a manuscript, you can use the e-book without the universal format.

26. Secure Agreement - no matter whether the role is sized, and the employee signing clear confidentiality agreement is also necessary. There is no rule that is not a square, which is clear what is right, people can force the wrong. The more detailed the content of the confidential agreement, the better, if the other party is tremendous, naturally, will consent.

27. Responsibility decomposition --- Celete everyone's safety responsibility for related information. All confidential documents can find responsible persons according to the provisions, pursue a secondary, mutual supervision and prevention is the ultimate goal of responsibility decomposition.

28. Setting up the information level - level division of the company's confidential document. For example, the contract, customer exchange, shareholders are listed as level, determine the scope of confidential transmission, let everyone understand the communication boundaries of information, avoid information security accidents caused by not understanding information.

29, save in different places - don't put the eggs in the same basket. All backup materials are asked to be stored from differently, avoiding a fatal blow to corporate information for corporate information (such as fire, earthquake, war, etc.).

30. I think my own business is invulnerable in information security.

Maybe you will think that "9.11" is too far away from himself, and the chance has 0.1%. But before "9.11", who can think of the World Landmark Building World Trade Building is actually destroyed in an instant. "9.11" has made many companies in the United States, and similarly, New York's large power outage also caused $ 30 billion in the US economy. · Watch protection information security from "Business Weekly"

At 4 o'clock on August 14, 2003, most of North America suddenly lost power. No one is expected to stop this is more than 20 hours, and August 15th is just the publication of McGlau Hill's "Business Week" - McGlau Hill's Global Information Officer Mostafamehrabani The personal experience of their New York is power outage.

"At the time, the situation was very urgent, and many people continued to ask the company's business situation, and the second day," Business Week "can be published normally to get people's universal attention. In fact, in the moment of power failure, we have transferred all publication services. To New Jersey, because we have a set of spare equipment. "

"Our power system is very stable, and the standby generator can continue to work in a few days without electricity, so our publishing work is not affected. The next day," Business Week "is published as scheduled." McGura As an information service provider, the company has become an important thing to protect information security.

For SMEs, for the cost considering a data backup center is not the most appropriate solution, do a data backup in a distance from your computer, the cost of spend is almost zero, and many companies don't have this Awareness until an unexpected lightning strikes to destroy the company's computer.

· Those who are about to leave their own are extremely dangerous

Because no matter what reason, they all want to obtain the necessary resources for their future work. "In fact, the departure workers pass each

The means taken some information from the original company. Of course, these materials are only convenient for future work, not directly for sale. "A restricted employee said very calmly." Our employee can apply for two hours after work, two hours they will go to the door card, let the computer system show this person. But in fact, employees can go into the company through the unlocked door to the bathroom, and do not leave evidence in the company's timeout. So, they will find the information they need from the colleagues with the fastest speed, they can take the way. "This left office is not told.

Some employees are always actively answered every issue of the employer in order to apply for each employer, and many of the problems are intentionally set by new employers in order to obtain the competitors.

· Microsoft's view information will be strictly recorded

Microsoft, Siemens and other companies are to prevent employees from copying company data from hardware devices, as most of their employee computers cannot install a floppy drive and mobile hard disk interface based on the level. This is very common in multinational companies. In addition, IBM stipulates that each employee has only three opportunities for the same document, and the time, place for the three views, will be strictly recorded.

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