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Mr. Jenkins, a senior consultant of the World Health Organization, and Mr. Jenkins proposed 18 unhealthy lifestyles. How many people live?

1. Smoking, especially in absorbed 20 more, and the risk of chronic disease is growing rapidly.

2. Eating habits are not hygienic, absorb excess heat, saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, resulting in obesity, hyperlipidemia.

3. Excessive drinking.

4. Lack of exercise, leading to decline in cardiopulmonary endurance, increased muscle strength and increased muscle average fat.

5. Overloaded operation, excessive work, long-term open night, lack of rest.

6. Chronic annoyance, anxiety, melancholy, nervous, interpersonal relationship, resulting in chronic fatigue energy decline.

7. Driver drinking alcohol into traffic accidents

8. Food and drinking water is not clean, causing disease infections.

9. There are dependent or drug addictions to certain drugs.

10. Do not treat toxic waste, such as waste containing infectious sources.

11. Insomnia or sleep less than 7 hours. According to statistics, most insomnia are prone to angina symptoms.

12. Medical services are inconvenient, hospitals left or far away.

13. Do not comply with medical advice, such as high blood pressure patients do not take medicine at time.

14. Dietary structure is unreasonable, salt, polysaccharide or more processing foods.

15. Family or marriage life is not harmonious.

16. Sex, housing is not.

17. The social industry is adversely adapted, such as an irritable impulse.

18. Superstition behavior, gambling behavior, etc.

The above 18 are harmful to health, and people, especially middle-aged people, have chronic diseases such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, gastric disease, nephropathy, diabetes, obesity, and high cholecysteramics. Obstacle, suicide, murder, etc. According to statistics, about 70% to 80% of deaths per year are chronic diseases per year, and developing countries also reach 40% to 50%. China has died of about 10 million people died in the above-mentioned chronic diseases related to lifestyle. Scientists pointed out that as long as the above industry and lifestyle is slightly intervened, it can make one-third to half of the love.

For your health, please change the above lifestyle as soon as possible.

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