People have fifteen desires

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A study by the University of Ohio, the United States shows that all of human beings are controlled by 15 basic desires and values, and every important thing that is almost humans can do can be broken down into one or more of the 15 desires. Most of them have genetics, these desires guide our behavior. This discovery is built on top of 2,500 subjects. Subjects were asked to answer more than 300 design problems, and finally summarized all the answers to 15 basic desires and values, including only citizenship, independent and social exclusive fear without genetics foundation.

Researchers have also found that different people are different for these 15 basic desires.

Some people chase success, some people are indifferent, some people pay attention to their family and family, some people are "work mad".

These 15 basic desires and values ​​are:

Curiosity: The desire for knowledge is irresistible.

Food: The desire to food does not have to have a needle.

Honor (moral): According to this, it constitutes a complete social structure.

Fear of social exclusion: this makes us abide.

Sex: Freud will be placed in the "List" first, no wonder "Viagra" is so hot.

Sports: Fathers may not be aware that people's desire to exercise is natural.

Order: Everyone wants to occupy a place in their daily lives.

Independence: For the desire for self-proposition.

Revenge: like the prince in Shakespeare.

Social Communication: I am eager to become a one of everyone, even if this means it is unable to travel in commercial street.

Family: This desire to share with family is afraid that it is not a busy CEO.

Social reputation: desire for reputation and status.

Disgusting: disgusting pain and anxiety.

Citizenship: Desire to serve the public and social justice.

Force: I hope to affect others and be more obvious in the autocracy.


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