2005-01-16 The paper finally ended!

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2005-01-16 Sunday sunny after a few weeks of hard work, the paper finally formed! ! ! Send a celebration. . . . . . Although there is still a bit zero smashing little thing, it has not been processed, but there is already a qualified leap ^ _ ^, that is, I don't know what the context of the context will have any reflection, I hope I can let me go smoothly. Graduated by profit. The cold window is bitter, XXXXXXXXX (which kindness is given to it? If you can't think of it, you can't think of your child, it is just something that happened yesterday, but the baby papers accounted for me yesterday. Time, I can only write today. Yesterday morning, a handsome classmate gave a call, let him help him check a mobile phone number, the number is "13697971379" (there is no exposure of other people's privacy, you will know). Usually we are sending text messages, this time I actually called, and there were not many time from noon. How did this ... I have checked it out, Query results, "Jiangxi Luzhou mobile Shenzhouxing user area code : 0797 ", send text messages. Time flies, a bag of smoke is at night. I chatted with a friend on QQ. She let me help her check a mobile phone number, 13697971379. At first glance, I am very familiar! I feel more familiar! "Jiangxi Zhangzhou Mobile Shenzhouxing users Area No.: 0797" -_-! Curious, I got up, asked what kind of text message received, and I got this answer "I secretly love you for a long time, I want to think about you every day, I am embarrassed to tell you, I hope you can I heard, you can listen to my wish, don't laugh at me! "It turned out to be a fake advertisement of the voice station, Khan ING ... Say this, maybe you think there is nothing ... then look. .. .... Friends then tell her experience: I received 4 messages all day, the content is the same, the key is to receive three calls from this number! The most excessive thing is to hang up! ! ! As far as really, sweating ... If this phone is held in the whole process ... can be a show ...

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