Preventive disk and water level

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Everyone knows that the gaming company has a time to distinguish between the time period, which is roughly divided into reference discs, initial injection disk, and three phases of the scene. The reference disk is a non-note-free mouth, just give everyone a reference. Because there is no big hand chip influence, it is generally adjusted by the gaming company. This stage is less variable, the frequency of change is low, and the frequency of change is low. The variation is not large. It is quite opposite to the two stages of the panel and the water level, especially in the frequency of change, almost every moment. It is precisely because of the large amount of funds, the DVER is directly affected by the interests of the gaming company. So, this time the tray and the water level change can be more reflected in the view of the game.

In general, there is no specific time definition in the epitomy. Since the company's opening time is different, even the same company, there is also a different opening time for different leagues. For example, Macau Lottery Co., Ltd., in the past five league, on Thursday, I will receive the chip bet on Thursday, not the five major league games, and the betting time is generally opened in the early morning of the day. Therefore, the time period of the prevention plate can only be roughly defined as about three hours before the start of the game, and the prevention plate mentioned in this article refers to the three-hour front of the game.

Many friends think that the disk should be able to reflect the intent of the dealer from one bet. Of course, there is an absolute advantage in the source of information, and the judgment of the game is also more accurate than ordinary lottery. But every football club is a huge overall, and every subtle change is possible to directly affect the player's play. The man is not a tendency to open an mouth every game. But at the scene, a large number of information sources have been determined, and the flow of chips is also much greater than the time period of the non-conventional time. So, when you are in the palette, you can more embody the derivative to distribute which direction.

But exactly because the palette and the water level are easily influenced by the impact of the chips, let us have a great difficulty in analyzing the views of the deck. First we have to correctly understand where the pavement is coming. We know that because the financial flow of this time period is very large, the profit of the Man is coming to this time period. How to operate this time during this time period and water level to maximize the profit. Although the outside world has been circulating "false ball", it is much more profitable. However, the improvement of modern football systems has fallen to minimize the production of the fake ball. Therefore, in most competitions, we can divide the changes in the mouth into two types: 1, the Man is judged to a game; when the chip is pouring into the income, the guard must need to use the tray to induce The chip flows to the team that is not optimistic. 2, the man does not have a certain tendency to a certain game. When the field is three hours, the Man is trying to use the cochway to divide the chips, lower your risks. After countless games, the dealers can take the water level. The profit on the upper. After understanding the foundation of the DRAPA, the next step we need to analyze how to judge that the resident is already a tendency, which is the direction of the chip diversion, or for a game There is no specific tendency, just in diversion chips, to achieve the purpose of pumping water. If the Lianzhuang is in a certain game, it is already in a certain game or only with the purpose of pumping, then we have lost our significance to analyze the tendency to analyze the people 's fruit.

It is necessary to have a large number of statistics through a large number of statistics, and aware of the strength of the two teams. It is not a three words to explain it clearly, and you can only give everyone a direction. First of all, we can determine, no matter how to adjust the mouth or water level, it is based on profitability. So he adjusted in the direction in which the mouth and the water level is maximized in the profit. And how to achieve the maximum profit, you need to have the flow of funds and the fruit to decide. In the pre-judgment of the fruit, the gaming company has our unparalleled advantage, and the funds flow and traffic are also confidential. Is that ordinary lottery can only follow the mouth of the gaming company? The answer is negative, because the gaming company also needs to take a certain risk in the need to earn the biggest profit. Due to the active, water level, and disk adjustment of the flow of funds during the prevention time, it is easy to expose. Find these suspicions, we also identify the views of the Daiist to the game.

In general, there are three cases of changing the opening and water level.

First, regardless of whether the disk is changed, the water level optimistic about the team is lowered to reduce the purpose of payment. Such a technique generally appears when it is not too concerned or balanced on both sides, no matter how the water level changes, it will not affect the flow of the chips. Second, through the lifting of the mouth and the water level, raise the team you look at water or reduce the water level to achieve the direction of the chips. Such a technique generally appears a balanced chip chip on both sides, but the Director guides the chips to the direction that is not optimistic. Third, the disk port and the water level are always changed. Such a technique generally appears in the team that is unanimously optimistic, but the family is not optimistic, but don't want to reflect your own intent in the mouth and the water level, and the stable tray and the water level are also strengthened to the lottery. confidence. Maximize profits.

Of course, the change in the field and the water level is the experience of gaming companies to explore, and there is a very standardized mode of operation. If the ordinary lottery wants to find out what their view is not casual, it is not casual. There is also a lot of practice, and how you can stand your own point of view, how to maximize your profits, then, the departure home will take a step!


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