[Big words IT] let you understand what is ERP (transfer)

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Enterprise Resource Plan System refers to the management platform for establishing management ideas based on information technology, providing management platform for business decision-making and employees. One day, my husband called outside the house: "Dear wife, do you want to take a few colleagues to eat?" (Ordering) Wife: "Of course, come to a few people, a few more, what do you want to eat? Vegetable? "Husband:" 6 people, we will come back at around 7 o'clock, prepare some wine, roast duck, tomato scrambled egg, cold dishes, egg soup ... You can? "(Business Communication) Wife:" No problem, I Will be ready. "(Order Confirm) Wife Records Menu (MPS Plan) to be made (MPS), something you want to prepare: duck, wine, tomato, egg, seasoning ... (BOM material list), found required: 1 only Duck egg, 5 bottles of wine, 4 eggs ... (BOM expanded), scrambled eggs need 6 eggs, and the scallops need 4 eggs (shared materials). Open the refrigerator and look at (the warehouse), there is only 2 eggs (disadvantage). Come to the free market, wife: "How do I sell eggs?" (Purchasing inquiry) hawker: "1 yuan, half hit 5 yuan, 1 hit 9.5 yuan." Wife: "I only need 8, but this time Buy 1 hit. "(Economic Batch Purchase) Wife:" This has a bad, change one. "(Acceptance, refund, replacement) Back home, prepare to wash, cut vegetables, cooking ... (Process Line) In the kitchen, there is a gas stove, microwave, rice cooker ... (Work Center). The wife found dials, the bottleneck process, the key process route), using a microwave to do roast ducks, may not be as good as (indoor production capacity), so the reading room has been purchased in the restaurant downstairs (product commission). At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the telephone bell rang: "Mom, several students in the evening want to come to the house, you can prepare." (Emergency order) "Ok, you want to eat, Dad also have guests, you are willing to eat with them "" "Do you see it, but must have tomato scrambled eggs, we don't eat with adults, come back at around 6: 30." Order determination) The egg is not purchased, calling the small invisibility. (Emergency Purchase) 6:30, everything is ready, can be baked, I haven't sent it yet, hurry to call: "I am Li Taoli, how to book the roast duck is not sent?" (The purchase committee is single and reminded) " History, the person delivered is already gone, maybe it is a traffic jam, it will come immediately. "The doorbell rang. "Mrs. Li, this is the roast duck you want.

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