Using four basic principles

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The rapid development of China's economy has brought about development opportunities to many companies, but it also brought about how to use people. In fact, employees are in terms of skill, attitude, personal issues, etc., not all people can use. Then, how does the manager use people if the established personnel structure, personnel cannot make adjustments?

Master Peter Durak has summarized the four basic principles of the employer ("Durak Management Application Dictionary", Jiuzhou Publishing House, is still very applicable to today.

First, we must ensure the rationality of the positions. If a certain work has made two or three people can't be competent, but these people have excellent performance in the past, then managers must realize that the problem is not in the person, but needs to redesign the position. Some of the recruitment managers of some human resources have found that literally affordable positions, it is difficult to find the work of this work in half a year or year.

Second, we must ensure that the positions of their jurisdiction have both high requirements and have a wide range. Managers should make the positions of the settings very challenging, which is conducive to employees to play their own advantages and specialties. At the same time, it can guarantee that it has sufficient returns, so that employees make it easy to make their own advantages into significant results.

A Internet company's human resources director, when he refers to the technical sector's technical qualification certificate, so once he finds that he is not suitable for management work, you can enter technology development. Channel, play his advantage to contribute to the company.

Again, when the manager places someone on a position, the manager must fully consider the characteristics, strengths and conditions of this person, so that the position can maximize his potential and strength.

Finally, use people long, managers must tolerate their shortcomings. The length of employers can motivate the career development of talents on the one hand, and on the one hand, it can guarantee the operational efficiency of the organization.


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