In 2005, I touched Chinese characters awards.

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In 2005, I touched Chinese characters awards.

In 2006, the calendar has turned over many pages, but many of our many people's minds, many movements in 2005 still stay here, and because they have a distance, it seems to become clearer. Today, I was touched by China's 2005 Character Awards. At this moment, we seem to see in the vast lights, they come to us in the sea, they took the sun and the rain in the spring, summer, autumn and winter in 2005, and they took the feelings of the deposition in their hearts. .

- In his hometown, he is as simple as the mud, and he flooded in the noisy population in the city. Day, when he and us, we will not necessarily pay attention to him, but at that moment, he let all people look bright. Touched China's 2005 Character Winners "Wei Qing Gang" award word: the sea horizontal flow, Fang Xiang hero's true color! For a stranger, he is in the three in the sky, in front of danger, he does not need to choose, because this moment moves from the inner quality. From the crowd, quietly returned to the crowd, he is the big man.

- There is such a singer, there is such a volunteer, when he doesn't have a father, he looked so many children with his father, the child's eyes let him move, his name. It is very fascinating that he is called "From Flying" (sound), from letting us see two people standing on the earth, need to support each other, warmth. Touched China's 2005 Character Winners "Cong Fei" award words: From the first eye of the dead school, he gave all the time to the children who needed help, even at all times. Life lending, he used to build a classroom and lit it with a song. Today, his voice may not be as bright as the past, but won the most respectful cheers.

- There is such a sentence in college students: Today, we work hard to learn Chinese in the future. The winner we have to know, he may not hear this language, but he uses his actions to interpret the connotation of this speech. In 1988, he was the first after the reform and opening up. After reading a master, reading After the doctoral student, I returned to the country, and I walked in the world's frontier in the field he studied, but now I am far more. Touched China's 2005 Character Winners "Huangbai Yun" award word: this and the most hard material in the world, there is a warm and generous personality, profound and generous, and the heart of the redness; the static and cold window, the kinetic energy Into gold. He is a respected elder, difficult and hard, Yu Yu is brought, 30,000 miles back to the country, 20 years of sword, big Huang Bo Yun!

- She is a doctor, although she has never been a chance to wear white coat, even being plus barefoot in front of the doctor; she is a doctor, but not like a lot of doctors, not Your own food, she may have more than 600 dollars in a month, but some things to buy and buy more than 900 yuan, more than 300 deficit, more and more debts; she is a The doctor is naturally required by the patient, but it seems to be more needed to her than her patient, what kind of doctor is this? Touched China's 2005 Character Winners "Li Chunyan" award words: She is the last barefoot doctor in the mountain, carrying a basket in the fields of the field, a four-wall bamboo building, became the most warm hospital in the world, a thin weakness Shoulders, shoulder the health of the ten miles, she is a trekking, she is the moon that illuminates the migrant. - My brother said that there is a unique component in his heart, because it is a lot of hard work in his life, because there are many experience in his life, brother makes him a day. "Touching China" 2005 people winners "Hong Zhanhui" award words: When he is still a child, he is responsible for another smaller child. It is necessary to support the family in the difficulties, and learn to be friendly. Brave and strong, life makes him start to gain prematurely, and he has begun to become a man, who has become a suffering from the boy, and ask for learning in poor, in hardship, today, he looks still weak, but in spirit He has never been a strong.

- In 1969, a knowledge youth and a knowledge you called Jin Cang and a knowledge youth called Chen Jian. In order to rescue public property, he jumped into the river, but later Chen Jian came up, Jin Cruises No more coming, after 37 years, how did Chen Jian spent? "Touching China" 2005 people winners "Chen Jian" award word: a living commitment to the deceased, only conscience self-constraint, but he adheres to 37 years, give up the dream, happiness and flesh, faded Fire red era, he has a classical style of classical consciousness. No matter which era, he adheres to the promise is always the cornerstone of human nature, and this is the same for a nation.

- There is such a group of young people. They have set up a community because of the common wish, the name of the community is called "Flower Society". What does I say "Flower Society"? Why is it called "Flower Society"? They told me that the flower opened was no sound, but it was beautiful. They would promote the communication between people and disabled people through learning. They taught me to blooming like this. I feel that the flower is indeed. Very beautiful, beautiful is tearing. "Touching China" 2005 people winners "邰丽华" award words: from unfortunate grains to the peak of art, maybe your life is a beautiful dance, in the no sound, show the flourish life, Humanity is high, a plain woman presents gorgeous miracles for us, the shock of the soul does not need a language, you are the most beautiful in our eyes.

- This winner, he can't come to our award scene, in fact, this thing happens to be very normal, because at that time, it always launches extremely accurate missile for him, and he is always behind the scenes. However, he can't arrive today because he has left us, in the last moment of his life, he launched the missile, but a bunch of beams in the human nature, and accurately hit the most vulnerable in our minds. part. (Note: Yang Yemin is awarded the wife of the wife.) "Touching China" 2005 people winners "Yang Yong" award words: casting the long ride brigade, forging the missile male teacher. He tested his work with a ruler and used his second to calculate his life. No, I haven't mentioned the journey, it is already exhausted. Although the world is safe, forget the war, he is the banner of the Chinese soldiers! - At present in many places, the postman is still very important. For many young people, it may be terrible, even like a song song, it will think that loneliness is shameful, but we The postman who is going to know is a kind of nature of his life. It will even be deal with his own songs in 14 and fifteen days, and you will be able to interact with his Malay. At this time you will Know that loneliness is to make people respect, loneliness is great. "Touching China" 2005 people winners "Wang Shunyou" award words: he is simple like a stone, a man, a horse, a world post history, he is going through the water, Yue Rings, with a person Long March sent thousands of miles, with 20 years of trek flying snow, the end of the road, there is a mountain, the mountain is still the mountain, the neighbor is a hundred miles far, the most pro-mail member in the world.

- No such as 2005, so many Chinese people who have a long time, in the stars of the sky, we seem to have seen two black eyes, with proud of the dark eyes, with a smile and We look at it, all of our Chinese know what is involved in us. Touched China's 2005 Character Winner "Fei Junlong, Nie Husheng" award words: Who can let the world's 1/5 of the world with their rhythm of five days, who can witness China's strength from unprecedented highness, They made the sky, painted out the dragon's trajectory, and the arrival of the day, and the sky took a thousand rivers. They were the golden generation of China's space.

"Touching China" 2005 Character Special Award "Tibet Railway Construction Man" Award Word: Whenever the whistle passes through the Tang Gu Lushankou, the snow mountain, frozen soil, the ice, and the group of Tibetan antelopes will miss them. Miss those powerful hands and strong smiles. They can drive steel and care for life. They are the brave in the earth, they have created the world's greatest railway!


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