12 gold rules successfully 35 years ago

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12 gold rules successfully 35 years ago

The first chapter is a target for a target, and the wind in any direction is against the wind. Why are you a poor, the first point is that you have not set up a goal of the rich. 2, what is your life's core goal? The fundamental difference between the outstanding person and the mediocrity is not a talent, opportunity, but there is no target. 3, the leading lead, life leads a big step: successfully starting from the selected goal 4, Jayins style will never succeed why most people have no success? There are only 5% of those who can really complete their own plans. Most people are not discarding their goals. It is an empty difference between lack of action. If you want to succeed before the age of 35, you must establish it between the ages of 25 and 30. Your life goal 6, daily, monthly, you have to ask yourself every year: I have reached the second chapter of my own target: two successful base sites, adjust the mentality, strive to sprint, 35 years ago (1) Life positioning 1, people are afraid of enrollment: What is your core competitiveness? 2, the successful find method, the loser finds excuses 3, from the 360r line to choose your favorite everyone can start business, but it is not everyone to start a business success 4, looking for your own golden treasure (2) eternal Truth: The mentality determines the fate, the 35-year-old mentality determines the fate of your life 1, people who are dissatisfied with the status "can become a rich man 2, dare to dream, be brave in the dream, this world is always a dream of dreams 3, 35, don't be afraid, Don't regret 4 after 35 years old, it is a poor, not a lifetime is a poor, as long as you always keep the enterprising heart. Most of China's successful people from small places 5, be a positive thinking 6, don't lose the pessimism, some people are more than one thousand times, they will be smarter than you? No, they are just a thousand times higher than you when you are young. Life has many failed, and finally it is not lost to others, but it is lost to my pessimism. 7, the successful people just climbed up to one time 8, I would rather go to touch the wall, don't overcome your failure at home, negative mentality (1) find a place to drink some wine (2) find a disco jumping dance (3) Looking for a friend, the mountain (4) active action, the third chapter: three skills 1, management time: Where is your time, where is your achievement?

Take an hour as a 60-minute person, more than 60 times more than one hour, you don't manage your wealth, you don't care about you 3. Self-management, you have a small business (1) startup is not afraid of this small, the brain must be good (2) You can start the specialty store (3) Fourth Chapter 4 of the business that is unwilling to do: the concept of four in the 35 years ago, you must form a personal style 1, and people can come back to do things, can't come back. (1) Making a person to speak the gap (2) Never disclaimer, the open-minded man has a fortune, the open-minded woman has a husband and embarrassment 35 years ago, I used to get marriage life 3. The principle of loyalty: 35 years old, you have not yet established a loyal reputation This shortcomings will have to harass your life 4, do small things, but don't play small and smart Chinese people want to do big things too much, and willing to make small things to do the perfect person, too little Chapter 5: Five-point luck Bill cover Tervant: Life is unfair, habit to accept it, there is a lot of luck in life: seek matter in people, a business in the sky: China's ancient training instructions each account for half 2, the opportunity is often unexpected, but belongs to those People who should not give up will never give up. Every opportunity to grasp life is like a bird. If you don't catch it, it will fly no trace 4, and the person is a step, the fool is a sixth day Chapter: Six Requirements 1, Wisdom (1) Other people can take everything to take you, but don't take your wisdom (2) Difficult to use your wisdom (3) The difference between the wise and fool 2, courage (1) The power of courage sometimes makes you "Super People" (2) dare to give up, dare to "to pay" 3, cultivate our own "leadership talents, leader temperament" (1) Passion infected with others (2) "three o seven law" to achieve leaders Temperament (3) Co-board decision ability (4) Personality Charm 4, creativity: People who don't do a follow-up rules 25-35 years old are the most creative stages of life, many successful people have also produced at this stage 5, wise (1) know Your own strength, short, directional focus (2) try to work hard in his familiar field 6, persistent action: In your selection industry, you will be a big winner seventh chapter: seven points learning 1, Knowledge change Destiny 2,35 years ago, I learned all the knowledge in your industry a) I'm eliminated that yourself B) in the commercial speaker 3, too believed in books, can only be a wage ear 4, think, practice, think about it, Practice Chapter 8: Eighth Communication Friends have a good way to walk 1, IQ is very important, more important: I have established an interpersonal relationship network 2 before 35 years old, the net, how to do a good job of interpersonal relationship 3, and make friends have principles 4, good at communication: 35 years ago, you should exercise your speech before you can, nine points. The habit of habits is amazing. The habits before the age of 3 have determined your successful size 1. Positive thinking is a good habit. 2. Develop a good habit of efficient work (1) Office (2) life can be invalid, but To learn the work (3) Learn, do not interrupt others to talk 3, develop a good habit of exercising 4, extensive habit of hobbies 5, fast action Good habits Chapter 10:

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