This summer: messy

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This summer, what is annoying, dark, and can only listen to rock and rock.

This summer, I feel that I have been sleeping, there is no girl in my dreams, my hair in my dream is so long, covering my eyes, I can't see anything, I have grown in the dark ... Iron kite " This summer "Singing is really intimate," this summer, hot burning me, I want to burn my weak force, lonely, I will drown my only hope, the bed is constantly saving, I want to swallow my beautiful dream ...... "

This summer, the World Cup is also dead, except for the genius performance of the Argentine boy, it is really lacking the scene of exciting, and the Dutch of the Orange Legion, which has been deeply loved, seems to be a look, no longer passionate, no longer The vigorous, sad, only sighing the world's changes, He Yong classmates sing: Yang girlfriends are not as good as nourishing dogs, Amon students follow: watching the World Cup is not asleep.

This summer, fortunately, there is NBA. Fortunately, there are Guangsi Chi Wade. Since Jordan classmates change the baseball, Amon has started living without basketball idols, but Kobe is a genius, but what is much less, such as a team Cooperative spirit, the so of Dongdong; McGrady is not bad, but it is always a look of sleepy eyes. It can't see hope. Yao Ming is a five good youth, but it is too tender, lacks domineering, lack of king temperament; Wade, only Wei Wei Germany, so that this summer became brilliant, Mo Mona is approved by Wade as a self, because he surnamed Wi (huh, a happy wish), because he is like Guangsi, of course, except for the skin, Amon Finally found idols and found a spiritual pillar.

In this summer, I started to hurt the "Liu Huang Section", I started to miss Han Qi Sheng, began to be very lively, and Amun has been a handsome guy of these poor Baba's CCXV, and later thinking, in fact, everyone is not easy, A interest, a hobby, a business, a hope, work is also good, entrepreneurship is also a kind of living state, the gold is not enough, as long as it is serious, responsible, strive You can do it, you can do it, more tolerance, more beautiful.

This summer, the weather is very hot, it is difficult to make good thoughts, let it mess!


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