C # 2.0 Learning - Collection 2

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Compilation and execution: csc tokens2.cs


Tokens2.cs: // Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

// tokens2.csusing system; using system.collections;

Public class tokens: ienumerable {private string [] Elements;

Tokens (String Source, Char [] Delimiters) {Elements = Source.Split (Delimiters);

// Ienumerable Interface Implementation:

Public tokenenumerator genumerator () // Non-ienumerable version {return new tokenenumerator (this);}

IEnumerator ienumerable.GeteNumerator () // ienumerable version {return (ienumerator) new tokenenumerator (this);}

// Inner Class Implements IENUMERATOR Interface:

Public class tokenenumerator: ienumerator {private = -1; private tokens t;

Public tokenenumerator (tokens t) {this.t = t;}

Public Bool MoveNext () {ix (position

Public void reset () {position = -1;}

Public String Current // Non-IEnumerator Version: Type-Safe {Get {Return T.Elements [POSITION];}}

Object ienumerator.current // ienumerator version: returns object {get {return t.elements [position];}}}

// Test tokens, tokenenumerator

Static void main () {tokens f = new tokens ("this is a well-done program", new char [] {'', '-'}); Forech (String Item In f) // Try Changing String To INT {console.writeLine (item);}}}

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