I move the Chinese characters in 2004

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I move the Chinese characters in 2004

CCTV "Touching China 2004 People" selection to the country's attention, its award words are deeply touched by sublimation of passion and rough literary talents, reflecting the unique charm of modern Chinese.

Xia Wei Changhe Police Soul is immortal - Ren Changxia is another female hero on the Central Plains. Sweeping the evil, except for the storm, she is selfless; if she is cold, she is helpless, her teng sausages. Ten miles, white flowers, smashing, it is a monument that flows in the hearts of the people! A weak woman can win the love of the people, because, in her heart, there is the most devout respect for the people!

For the people, I am called Niu Yusu, and the people are called Niu Yusu, and the people of the people are carrying the happiness of the original person. This happiness is his piety, and his direction, the wind and rain, the advantages and disadvantages, and he is conscientious and followed " The ancient training of the poulously dare to forget the country. For the official, he gave us a passion burning back. He made the spirit through the era, and he made the living people quietly attacked; he made the sky became the hometown of the eagle!

Jedi counterattacks to win the gold medal - Chinese women's volleyball team, once boiled a generation of blood, and left a 20-year expectation in the hearts of the Chinese. One day in 2004, in the sound, Jedi counterattack. It is them, let the last hope to climb the meaning of the arms rise until the last rebate is buckled. The gold medal called back to the glory of the past, and the victory opened a new dream!

Fengchi is thinking - Liu Xiang 12 seconds 91, he achieved a great leap, the record of the record became behind, the ten railing is no longer the obstacle of the Oriental, because China has Liu Xiang, Asia has Liu Xiang! The same young man is constantly surpassing, never says, representing a nation that is accelerating. He is wearing the flag, a leap in front of the world.

Life dreams eliminate hunger - Yuan Longping him is a real cultivator. When he is still a rural teacher, it has already subverted the world authority courage; when he is full of the world, it is still only focused on the field, indifferent fame and fortune, a farmer, spreading wisdom, and harvesting rich. His life dream is to let all people stay away from hunger. I am very popular, and the romance is the most popular.

The old man in the old man rescued the hostage - Sun Biyan was at the end of the year of the flower, and only the hometown is only the legend of the mission. In order to achieve peace, he crossed between the war, in order to save lives, he medally in the edge of death. "The rumored country is life and death, and it will be evil." In 2004, this old man did not know how tired. Before, he will go to the mission; after body, it is the motherland that makes him proud.

Dashan is deeply taught - Xu Benyi If tears are a wealth, Xu Benyi is a rich person. In the past year, he let us tears. From the bustling city, he walked into the depths of the mountains, with a tender shoulder, who had just graduated, sang the dated classroom, sang poverty and loneliness, and lifted his responsibility. Maybe a person's power can not let your child have sunshine, love, and look forward. Xu Benzhen looked up with the fire and stabbed our eyes.

Aerial parking miracle forced landing - Wan Jun Hawk is the most skilled flying home in the sky, but he has excellent flight skills than the eagle. On the air, the number of almost dangers, he calmly calm, instant choice, is destined to fly as brilliant like rainbow. Life and death were 8 minutes, surprised, he created a miracle! proud of you! Chinese soldiers, steel is made up.

Subcissive anti-drug knife dance - the dance on the tip of Ming Zhengbin, because it is the symphony of iron and blood. Ming Zhengbin is a person who dances on the knife. In front of poisonous dealers, he was scared, it was not afraid, and it was difficult to buy. The poisonous trafficker is under his hand, can't hide, can't escape. Because of his comrades and his comrades, we can enjoy the brightness of the sun. Anti-Ai Heroes are warm and unlimited - Guijan is poverty and firm. The responsibility of the benevolent let him know. He made warmth, he let the love gathered until more people open their arms to the weak, and people in the corner see spring. He is not afraid of death, because he has a lot of love for life.

Contemporary filial son donated the kidney rescue mother - Tian Shikan "Who is saying * A son made his answer in 2004 with his body, and he fed back some of his life to the mother of the disease. In the warm lie, the mother's life may still be fragile, but the filial son is sincerely as a rock. Tian Shiko made all the mother of the world harvest comfort.

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