Maslow needs hierarchical theory

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Maslow needs hierarchical theory

(Abraham.h.maslow) Summary, people have a series of complex needs, which can be placed on their priorities, including four basic assumptions:  The need for satisfaction is no longer an incentive factor. People always have to meet some needs, once a requirement is met, there will be another need to replace it. Most of the needs of most people are complicated, whenever there are many needs impact behavior.  Generally, only after the lower level of demand is satisfied, the higher level of demand will have sufficient vitality drive behavior.  The way to meet higher level needs is more ways to meet lower level needs.  Maslow Theory divides demand into physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect demand and self-realization needs five categories, and sequentially from lower levels to higher levels.  Physiological needs: The needs of food, water, air and housing are physiological needs. This level of demand is the lowest level, and people always try their best to meet this kind of demand before turning to higher levels. A person will not be interested in anything else at hungry, and his main motivation is to go to food. Even today, many people can't meet these basic physiological needs. Management should understand that if employees are busy with physiological needs, the issues they really care have nothing to do with their work. When we work hard to encourage this kind of demand, we work based on this assumption, that is, people work, mainly on income, comfort, etc., so try to use increase salary, improve labor conditions, and give more Spare time and work, improve benefits, etc. to motivate employees.  Safety requirements: safety requirements include demand for personal safety, stability, and suffering from pain, threats or diseases. Like physiological needs, the only concern is this requirement before the safety demand is not satisfied. For many employees, safety demand is manifested as safe and stable and health insurance, unemployment insurance and retirement benefits. Those who are mainly encountered by safety demand, when evaluating occupations, mainly thinking about the guarantee of the failure to lose basic demand. If the management believes that safety needs for employees is most important, they focus on this need, emphasize the rules and regulations, occupational security, and benefits, and protect employees. If employees are very strong in security requirements, managers should not be newly established when handling problems, and should avoid or oppose adventures, and employees will work in accordance with the work.  Social demand: social needs include demand for friendship, love, and affiliated relationship. When the physiological needs and safety requirements are met, social needs will highlight, which in turn produces. In the Maslow demand level, this level is another level of different levels with the first two levels. These needs are not satisfied, which will affect the spirit of employees, leading to high absence rate, low productivity, dissatisfaction and low mood. Managers must realize that when social demand has become the main incentive source, work is considered to find and establish a warm and harmonious interpersonal relationship, and it is possible to provide colleagues' associations. The manager feels that when efforts to pursue meetings such demand, it usually takes the attitude of supporting and approving, which emphasizes the organic activities of organized sports competitions and collective gatherings, and compliance with collective behavior.  Respect requirements: Respect demand includes both personal feelings of achievement or self-value, including others to their own recognition and respect. People with respect for demand hopes that others will accept them according to their actual image and think they have the ability to compete for work. They care about achievement, reputation, status, and promotion opportunities. This is because others recognize their talent. When they got this, not only the respect of people, but also confident in their inner due to their satisfaction. It will be frustrated by this kind of demand. If the honor given by others is not based on the truth, but there is a virtual name, and it will pose a threat to their psychology.

Special attention should be paid to the management personnel who have respect for employees should take the way of public rewards and praise. Arrangement work should especially emphasize the arduousness of work and the superb skills required for success. The honorary medal, issued a pragmatic article on the company's publication, announced that the honor of the outstanding employees can improve the pride of their work.  Self-implementing demand: The goal of self-achieving demand is self-realization, or playing potential. People who reach self-realizing the realm are accepted by others. Solving the problem of problem capacity, consciously improved, good at independent, and requires uninterrupted. To meet this kind of demand that you can do your own talents, he should have met other needs on a certain time. Of course, people you achieve may pay too much attention to this highest level of demand, so that I consciously or unconsciously give up to meet the lower level needs. Self-realization people's dominant people will be used by incentives to use the most creative and constructive skills in their work. Visitors who pay attention to this demand will recognize that no matter what work can be innovative, creativity is not unique, but everyone expects to be owned. In order to make the work meaningful, emphasize the managers of self-implementation, will consider the use of adapting to complex situations during design work, they will give special tasks to special tasks to show talents, or when designing work procedures and develops implementation plans. There is room for employee groups.  Maslow needs hierarchical theory assumptions, people are incentive to meet one or more demands in their lives. Further, any particular demand is strongly dependent on its position in the needs level, and the extent of it and all other lower level needs. Maslow's theory believes that the incentive process is dynamic, gradually, and has a causal relationship. In this process, a changing "important" demand controls people's behavior, this level relationship is not the same for all people. This is especially true that social needs and respect demand is especially true, and their arrangement is different from person. However, Maslow also clearly pointed out that people always meet physiological needs, and the demand for self-realization is the most difficult to meet.  Maslow's demand level Theory clarifies that people will pay attention to those goals, and they also explain those types of behavior will affect the satisfaction of various needs, but why do you have a small demand. These theories also pointed out that most people have a higher level of demand, and as long as the environment does not prevent these higher levels, these needs can motivate most people.  Many studies have shown that high-level management personnel and basic managers are more capable of meeting their higher level of demand, because senior management faces challenging work, they can self-realize in work, On the one hand, basic management personnel are more engaged in conventional work and meet more difficulties in higher levels. And the demand satisfaction varies depending on the work, age, company scale, and employee cultural background. The management of the production command system is more satisfied in safety, social, respect, and self-realization, and the gap between the two sides in respect and self-achieving demand.  In terms of respect and self-realization, young employees (25 or less) require a more strong elderly employees (36 or more). The low-level management department and small company managers are more likely to be satisfied than managers working in big companies.  The fact that the events in individuals and organizations can also change demand. The habits in the organization have strongly affecting the production of many high-level needs and meticulous. For example, the promotion given by the past stronger work can stimulate the respect demand of employees. Moreover, with the development of managers in the organization, safety demand gradually weakens, while social, respect and self-realization needs to be enhanced. Below is a summary of the main research discovery of the needs hierarchy:  Needs can be considered to be a desire to achieve realization.  There is only a high-level demand to play a motivation.


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