Interesting constellation - Scorpio

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Perhaps Tianzi is a mystery, then you need to take yourself as a constellation, and then look at yourself with someone else's eyes. To oppose yourself, prove your existence. There is a impulse of Aries (not for a while, it may be a good job) There is Jinniu's stubborn (there is no way) with a double-son's genus (they are a purposeful attack) has a warmth of the crab (only There is only a lion's domineering (just a bit) Some people carefully (if there is a mistake, there is no mistake, there is no mistake), which makes you feel bad is also bad, people love and hate. ) Have your own mystery (in fact, not mysterious, more is fear of exposure) There is a freedom of shooters (it is his own free, don't think that it will be the same as the konjac) (Who is looking for people, Don't necessarily have a bad person) There is a spark of the water bottle (Scorpio is not a little less than the water bottle, but the idea of ​​thinking will lie to others) Romantic (they can take you to take you to the snow mountain and him When you have a dispute, you make a beautiful alcohol ice sculpture, then ignite it on it, enough romance?)

Scorpio scorpion take the initiative to attack, special alone, win the opportunity to see the scorpion, when you are determined to do, it is often a major decision; some are not for your will, but is forced by the situation. I know how to weigh the scorpion, whether it is a career or love, it will often get what you want in "Battle", and the money earns more than others. Ai hated the scorpion, perhaps there are many feelings of things, but don't worry, you already know what to do. Scorpio on the workplace anti-authority, don't like too much to explain too much, through mysteries, to establish a unique image. Scorpio knows how much it is resistant to yourself. You can use intuition to inspect the other party's idea. If someone wants to have you, you can often smell the murder. You are like a scorpion, it will not easily want to be 螫人, unless the other party is "too much", if you want to counterattack, you can make you feel like it is, you absolutely let the other party "impressive". Review of the focus: the temper is hot, it is careful when it is critical to the critical moment, and when you argue, you will leave a little dignity.

Scorpio features: love, hate, fierce, scorpion, how much love you have, how much sex; how much he wants to occupy you, how to control your emotions for you. He is indeed a person who loves, hate, fierce character. Fall in love with you, he will not hesitate, dedication to the enthusiasm and 100% loyalty, contribute private houses, sacrifice the self-enjoyment, and exhausted the madness and love. He assumes you that it is time to guard your heart, thinking that happiness is his happiness. But Scorpio does not want to expose your own lover. Nor why, he is not willing. This is not to see people with his lover, it doesn't matter until it has been paid to marry, you will introduce your lover to your friends. Faithful and complete love, is the most close to the scorpion. Talented to the beautiful body, the scorpion will not be reluctant, but it will be confused very miserable. He can't stand betrayal, and he also rarely betrayed the deeds of others. Once he betrayed him, it was equal to erased all his loyalty, love, dedication and sacrifice, which will irritate him and force him to embrace the road. However, it is not the most obvious O-scale, the AB type is once again, and the AB type is the weakest. Self-esteem strong silence has a self-esteem with an attacking scorpion, and I can't stand it in the past. He likes to go to an emphasis on the work environment, and he strives to make himself a raised role. Usually, in a new environment, the scorpion does not have a high posture, and it is better to be modest in the mouth angle, observe the performance of others. He looks very silent, but the silence is that he is ready to go, which will make others feel uneasy, and felt that he has a surprising aggression. However, on the appearance, Scorpio looks always good, often keeps polite smile, and will take the initiative to treat people with people. He is not trying to be a piece with others, just want to eliminate others to his call and hostility. However, he is not often successful. Because the scorpion is born with a strange temperament, silence is a defense method that wants to cover, he still can't let others feel oppressed. Therefore, some scorpions have known their own temperament, they will deliberate "micro-service", so they can be self-sufficient. In fact, in addition to the arbitrary side of the world, he also likes someone else's side. So, you don't have to have more heart to obscure yourself. Scorpio people have strong physical strength, and rich ideas, and management of their own methods, often use an incredible charm to charm others. However, due to self-made heart, there is a mystery, it is also difficult to close. Thinking carefully, the consideration is the biggest advantage of Scorpio, but it rarely manifests. Scorpio's defense is heavy, very few can be completely relieved to others, but can strictly defend someone's secrets, never leak out, this and the shooter is different. Scorpio is very suitable for a reliable friend or lover, but when you want to live with him, things can be so simple. Because the people of Scorpio are sincere, no matter what criticism to others, it is naked and cruel. They often pursue facts with sincere attitudes, so some friends or lover will go far from him because they can't stand this situation. Other constellations, very few can be good at avatar as Scorpio. Intense emotional and strong character, it is enough to explain their inner entanglement and twists and turns. For Scorpio, in a lifetime, there will be one, two times in psychological and dead realm.

If you want to avoid this, you must change yourself according to your own experience and experience, and collect the damaged debris to make it resurrected. Scorpio is natural with a moving charm, whether it is for people or objects, and get the greatest joy from it. There is energy, big, rich in feelings, resistance, sensitive insight, mysterious and ambition, these qualities synthesize a confusing charm. However, there are also shortcomings, attack, brutal, destructive, extreme, interrupted, not moral and stubborn. The reproductive organs, the periphery of the pelvis and nose, the throat, the like is the fragile part of Scorpio. Most of the reason for damaging the health of Scorpio is caused by too hard. But because of life and recovery power, you can restore vitality as soon as sufficient sleep, as well as fresh air. Scorpio people love to observe others in the back, but he is never a hidden person, his light is very good. Scorpio people will not take the initiative to provoke others just like he does not want someone to provoke him. Sometimes I don't like to talk and have a mysterious feeling, the appearance may be a cold look, but the heart is enthusiastic. He has a special charm, especially his eyes that will wear a deep soul. He is a born Avenner, any person who hurts him, things, things, usually not good end. He is very enough, but this is limited to your friend, if you betray him, then you will be his enemy. His thoughts and behaviors are sometimes very extreme, he can make a good person, or a bad person! ! ! The origin is from the world, Zunna is crawling out of the dark ground, attacking O'lian (Orion, the hunter of Diana, and later is a hunter). In addition, Tianzhu Shi to attack Felden, who is driving the Sun God Mutage, and makes the back of the husband to launch lightning, and wreck the rushes in the run. Scorpio's lucky things lucky day, two lucky gems, yellow jade, lucky, dark red lucky number, 3, 5 lucky location near water

The advantages and disadvantages of Scorpio have strategy, and the ability of the richness of things. The emotions are very sensitive, and the feelings are delicate and rich, the fruit, the actual enthusiasm, the subjective opinion, the will, perseverance, the average person is easy to get tired and escape, often can be firmly done. Machinery, smart, enlightened. Pioneering skills. Disadvantages Scorpio have the tendency, impulse, urgency, goodness, irritability, stubborn, stubborn, difficult to control, suspicious, good, and adventure, and esteem. For food beauty, it will overrun, personalized, indifferent, often use tricks and wit to defeat the enemy.


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