Broadband router

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Broadband router

Left straight punch

I bought a new machine last week, and I bought a broadband router, D-Link.

The current machine is really cheap and good, think about it before, hehe.

Everything is very satisfied, that is, the broadband router can not connect. In accordance with the instructions, try again, or have access, it can't be accessed. It is said that this router has a DHCP function. The connected machine does not automatically obtain IP, with the ipconfig command, the address is

This router is lightly equivalent, and it will not be a bought.

The second weather is in a hurry to get back to JS, try, there is no problem, it is very smooth, and it will be accessed, and the connecting machine is immediately reactive: find the Ethernet controller, then connect the IP local connection brush address.

However, take home or not. Suspected is the motherboard of the new machine. When I installed the elite 865g-m8, when I drove, my buddy was wrong, I took the Zhang Huara's CD plug in, although the chips of the two plates were the same, there will be no problem. ?

But think about it carefully. If it is no new machine, why is it not? The old machine is put in another room, far more, it will not be the network cable too long, it is dozens of meters.

So I took the router to ran next to the old machine, I was trying, I can!

At this time, I began to suspect the problem of power. Because in the old machine, I directly plugged into the jack on the wall, and the new machine, I first took a UPS, then take a box from the UPS, inserted the host, display, printer, ADSL MODEM, speaker, now add a routing ..., this time I will route the socket on the wall, it can be.

Error failure is really no, some dream can't think of it, like this router, when it is inserted on the UPS leader, the lamp also illuminates, everything is very normal, who can suspect is electricity!

I am really Zhouso.


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