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Yesterday, I wrote a bitter thing, and later I was broken, it is really depressed, I still want to make up today.

Yesterday morning, I went to the laboratory to let the boss signed the word, and we have broken between us.

, Never want to deal with her. Yeah!

Nothing at night, go to the classroom to self-study reading, you can have time to see a few books really cool.


When I went back, only 3 people in the Western Table Tennis were playing, and the people playing in these days are more and more

not enough. If the little dragon brother, the small dragon brother, inviting people to play, can't get a table.

. I have gone, and I don't have a good night, and everything is going forward.

. Remember the one sentence in Alibaba "Receive changes, hug the future".

Come back to give your girlfriend, I want to hint her, my mood is very good.

But the result is still as disappointed like it, or quarrel. ……quarrel

Endless quarrel. I don't know how long I have to last. My life is never.

With the same, hobbies are also different. The way the speech is also different.

. I found that there is no problem with her, but I have given up Alibaba.

work. It looks like she is in harness. I decided now, when I am light

If the change is divided, it is not a good heart. Break up also needs courage, in fact, it is

Sad heart, I have been waiting for it, I will be celebrated at the time.

. At first, she and my talented tone is how her classmate is a boyfriend.

Your friends are friendly, I really want to take me. Anyway, I said it.

If I hate, I hate her way of speaking. I often put the phone while I will go.

listen. Then I started counterattack, I said what kind of person I want to see her classmates.

. She said that they both gentle. Then I repeated a few times "no wonder"

. Then she began to furious. What is it is unbearable?

. A woman with a master's degree can actually spit out these swearing, her boyfriend is also called a man.

Do you? So I am more decided, don't be appropriate. Although she came to her 10 times

Come over, I also sent two text messages to say sorry, but I no longer want to care about her.

. A person does not have a little ability to restrain his ability, do not know people who respect others

, Still want to get respect for others!

In short, a day, the mood is a word, annoyed!

Fortunately, I still have a little harvest today, telling the Java inside "==

"And the usage of the equal method.

There are two ways to perform objects in Java.

1. Compare the address of the object, that is, the reference to the object

2. Compare the contents of the object

"==" Since there is no overloaded of the operator in Java

It is more than the address of the object (reference)

Equal method in the object of the Object class is the address of the comparison object

(Quote), but we can also rewrite our own way, making it more objects


For example, String, Date, etc.

Packaging in Java: Byte, Integer, SHORT

, Character, Long, Float, Double and Bo


String S1 = New String ("Hello");

String S2 = New String ("Hello");

Since == compared, the result of S1 == S2 is FAL


Since the Equal is more than two strings, S1.Equal

(S2) The result is TRUE


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