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Interview 11, the time format for printing the previous day of printing in PHP is 2006-5-10 22: 21: 212, ECHO (), Print (), and Print_R (), the template 4 can be separated by HTML and PHP 4 How to implement PHP, JSP interaction? 5. What tools use to control? 6, how to implement strings flip? 7. Optimize the method of mysql database. 8. Talk to the transaction processing 9, Apache MySQL PHP to achieve maximum load method 10, realize the Chinese string intercepting the unrulying code. Interview 2Var $ EMPTY = '; var $ null = null; var $ bool = false; var $ notset; var $ array = array (); 1. $ a = "hello"; $ b = & $ a; unset ($ b); $ b = "world"; What is $ a? 2. $ a = 1; $ x = & $ A; $ b = $ A ; What is $ b? 3. $ x = empty ($) ($ EMPTY Array); What is $ x? True or false4. Are you using the version control software? If you have the name of the version control software you use? 5. Do you use a template engine? If you have the name of the template engine you use Yes? 6. Please express your most proud development .7. For large-flow websites, what kind of method you use to solve the visual problem? 8. Write the code that the client IP and server IP is written with PHP. : Interviews 3, PHP / MySQL Programming 1) In a content management system, table message has the following field ID article ID article ID article Title Title CONTENT article content category_id article Classification ID HITS Click to create a table, write mysql statement 2) The above content management system: Table Comment records the user reply content, the field as the comment_id reply ID ID article ID, the ID comment_content reply content in the associated message table is now queried by the database, you need to get the following format list, and sort according to the number of replies, reply The highest ranks in the foregoing article ID article Title Click quantity to complete the above query, if the article does not respond, the number of reply is displayed as 0 3) The above content management system, the table category saves the classification information, the field is as follows category_id int INT 4) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT; categroy_name varchar (40) Not null; When the user enters an article, by selecting the drop-down menu Select the article classification how to implement this drop-down menu 2, PHP file operation 1) The above content management system: User submits The system generates a static HTML page; the basic idea to write implementation 2) Simply describe the user modification to publish the implementation process and basic ideas, PHP programs 1) Write the output results of the following procedure $ c? 4: 5; Echo $ A ;?> 2) Write the output of the following procedure Interview 4 1. Simpi Answers 1. Please indicate the difference between passing values ​​and passages in PHP. When is the value of the time to pass? 2. What is the function of Error_Reporting in PHP? 3. Please write a function to verify that the format of the email is correct. 4. Brief explanation How to get the current execution script path, including the resulting parameters.

Description: For example, there is a script, which is passed to the parameters 1, parameter 2, parameter 3 .... The method of passing the parameters may be that GET may be POST, then now write similar http: / / Parameter 1 = Value 1 & Parameter 2 = Value 2 ..... results 5. How to modify the SESSION's survival time. 6. There is a web address http: // www., how to get it? 7. There is a one-dimensional array that stores shaping data. Please write a function to arrange them from large to small. The execution efficiency is high. And explain how to improve execution efficiency. (This function must be implemented by yourself, you can't use PHP functions) 8. Please exemplify what method is used in your development process to speed up the loading speed of the page. II. Database design: Please design a library table structure of a library borrowing management system; you can record basic user information, book information, and borrow information; the number of data sheets is not more than 6; please draw a table description table Structure (you need to explain the field name, field type, field meaning of each field); in database design: 1. Ensure the uniqueness of each user; 2. Each book is guaranteed; each book corresponds to a number of books that do not equal; guarantees the uniqueness of each book; In the borrowing information table, the borrowing behavior and the reputation behavior should be considered, consider the borrowing period; 4. Guarantee the reference integrity between the borrow information table and the user table, the book information table; 5. Limit the number 6 of each user's maximum borrowing book. If there is a new user registration or a new book entry, ensure that its uniqueness identifier 7 is automatically generated. Support for the following series of report requirements: (no confirmation, do not need to write a statement, but need to ensure that these reports can be implemented with the most SQL statement) A) Day Statistical report: The number of books on the same day, On the same day, the book number report; b) Real-time report: i. The current number of borrowers, can be used for each book; II. There are all over-term books, users in the current system, and its super-time days III. All users in the current system The number of books, the subscriber lists (including users who do not borrow book behavior); please write SQL statements that implements this requirement: Database Application: Please write a series of SQL statements, describe the complete borrowing behavior and its reputation behavior; And to ensure that this series of SQL statements The fulcrowment of the integrity of the test is the most important test of the test capabilities. If we can't finish the evaluation results! So please write a detailed answer, and ensure that the answer is the program that can be performed. In the next two days, the results are sent to the mailbox to combine your design in the second question, with a database implementation, require the use of three-layer structure or multi-layer structure, requiring the use of object-oriented ideas, It is possible to design a template mechanism to achieve it. Function: List the current borrowing book, arrange numbers for user name books by date 1.62576587 2004-9-1 2. Liu Xingxi Travel Notes 32131098 2004-9-2 ... ... Interview 51. In PHP, the name of the current script (excluding the path and query string) is recorded in a predefined variable (1); and the URL link to the current page is recorded in a predefined variable (2).


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