Yesterday, I changed my primary school language test volume.

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The topic now is really difficult

I can't do it.

But there is still some laughter

One topic is the protagonist of the idiom

The protagonist should be Li Bai.

Have these answers:

Grandma (really ... have a grandmother)

A poet and his mother (sweat ... grandmother upgrade into mother ...)

Iron shovel (! Sure enough is the protagonist -______- b)

Iron and needles (waterfall sweat ... no language ...)

Talking on paper, Zhao Cuinent

Have these answers:

Zhao (... full ...)

A general army (@@ ... is indeed ... this ...)

Sun Zi (I am, insulting the grandson)

Zhu He Liang (??! Is ... Zhuge Liang?)

This is a bit like a rest word.

Mosquito finds a spider, requires "self-investment network", full understanding

then. . .

Mosquito finds a spider - uneasy (.. This .. Who is?)

Mosquito finds a spider - inexplicably (it is really a bit ...)

Mosquito finds a spider - find dead! (There is also an exclamation mark, just!! Strong child -, -)

Crab over the street, ask "horizontal overbearing"

There are these. . .

Crab over the street - seven hands eight (you told me, where your hand is -, -)

Crab over the street - everyone shouts (... poor crab t______t)

Crab over the street - messy (W # $% @ # $% $% & ^ $% I am also chaos)

Explain the different meaning of "old"

Holders, it should be skilled and experienced

result. . .

Old hand - rough (child, I understand your heart ...)

Old hand - not tender (... you learn to go upstairs, I will barely let you say you ...)

Old hand - playing games (you said, what can I say ?!)

This is the most vomiting blood of the most vomiting.

Topic is sauce purple

1, Zhang Haidi sister is paralyzed

2, Zhang Haidi sister tenacious learning

3. After years of hard work, Zhang Haini sister learned a multi-do

4, Zhang Haidi sister learned acupuncture

Connect these four sentences

The answer is "Although it is paralyzed, but tenacious learning, not only learn foreign languages, but also learn acupuncture

As a result, there is a child writes: Although Zhang Haidi learned acupuncture, but she is still -______- b

This has made me laugh, and I will come to a more fierce child:

Zhang Haidi sister not only learned foreign languages, but also learned acupuncture. She is so tenacious, finally is still awkward -, -

This is inferred - you don't have to study too much. . .


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