Change your five sentences in your life! Must see!

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The first sentence is: excellent is a habit

If you are excellent, it is a habit, then lazy is also a habit. When people are born, in addition to temper, because of the nature, the other things are basically formed after tomorrow. Therefore, our words and lines are the habits of the accumulation of the month. So we have to turn out the excellent behavior from now, so that our excellent behavior is often, becoming our second day.

The second sentence is: life is a process

The result of things is more important, but the process of doing things is more important, because the result will be more happier, but the process makes our lives.

The third sentence is: the shortest distance between the two points is not necessarily a straight line.

In the process of people and people, we are hard to do things well when they do things. Sometimes we do things will encounter a lot of difficulties and obstacles. Sometimes we don't have to hard, hard, we can choose to have difficulties around, and there is obstacles to go around, maybe this is more smooth.

The fourth sentence is: Only know how to stop, know how to speed up the speed

Look at others skiing, I feel very easy, isn't it just from the top of the mountain? So I put on the ski board, slipped down, and slipped from the top of the mountain, but actually rolled down to the hill and fell a lot of fight. Finally, I repeatedly practiced how to stop on the snow and slopes. After practicing a week, I finally learned to stop, sliding, and stopped on any slope. At this time, I found that I would ski, I dare to rush from the top of the hill. Because I know that as long as I want to stop, I can stop. Therefore, only those who know how to stop know how to advance.

The fifth sentence is: give up is a kind of wisdom, a flaw is a kind of grace

When you have six apples, don't eat them, because you eat six apples, you only have six apples. If you take the five of the six apples to eat, although you have lost five apples on the surface, but in fact you got the friendship and good feelings of other five people. When others have other fruits, they will be shared with you. You will get an orange from this person, get a pear from that person, and finally you may get six different fruits, six people. friendship. So, give up is a wisdom.


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