Human eight psychological weaknesses

xiaoxiao2021-03-06  1

Suspected people who have suspicious diseases are always fictitious with some causal relationships to explain why others have such a statement. If a woman saw someone else's whisper, he thought it was talking about her.

Strive to the unfairness of fairness, always complaining about the unfairness of the world, hate more than yourself.

It should be argued that many people are "should be" actually operated. For example, if I have a good person, he should express my gratitude to me, otherwise, it will be depressed.

Depending on someone's dependence, once you leave, you can't support your emotional life. The best way to get rid of this emotional trap is to stand independence.

Seeking many people to get the thumbs up to others as their powerful dominance, the essence is: "Don't believe yourself."

To kindness to good madness requires yourself or others to be perfect, to the end, but you can't accept yourself or others.

Self-hearting people have self-hearted people, always excuses, unwilling to change themselves and develop themselves. In fact, it is afraid to restrain yourself and ask for yourself.

Guilt is a deformed responsibility, always take the initiative to bear your own responsibility. This kind of mood is naturally harmful to the body and mind.


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