Giant C ++ Resources List, 4th Edition

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Giant C Resources List, 4th Edition

Mike Tyndall Oct 4 2004, 4:39 PmnewsGroups: Comp.lang.c from: "Mike Tyndall" Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 18:39:42 -0500Local: Mon , OCT 4 2004 4:39 PMSUBJECT: GIANT C Resources List, 4th Edition

WHOOOPS, WAY LATE THIS TIME. Sorry Again, Things Have Been Hectic.

Updates: -Books added to the "Other C books" section: Inside the C Object Model-Books added to the "General programming" section: Refactoring to Patterns Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs-Websites added: Code Beach-Another book added to The "free online books" section: Industrial Stregth C Rules and Recommendations- "Free Online Books" section reorganized.

Remember, please feel free to criticize, correct, or suggest things for thislist. Your help is much appreciated. At some time in the future, this listwill be reorganized and improved, but it might not be soon.

All Books Are Available On Amazon and Probably on eBay.

** Books for Beginners ** Accelerated C (Koenig & Moo - Use if You Know A Language Already) C Primer Plus: Fourth Edition (Stephen Prata) You Can Do It! (FRANCIS GlassBorow)

** REQUIRED READING ** - books every C programmer should ownC Templates: The Complete Guide (Vandevoorde, Josuttis) Design Patterns (. Erich Gamma, et al) Effective C : 2nd Edition (Scott Meyers) Effective STL (Scott Meyers) Exceptional C (Herb Sutter) Exceptional C Style (Herb Sutter) Modern C Design (Andrei Alexandrescu) More Effective C (Scott Meyers) More Exceptional C (Herb Sutter) Standard C IOStreams and Locales (Langer & Kreft) The C Programming Language: Special 3rd Edition (Bjarne Stroustrup) The C Standard: Incorporating Technical CorriGendum No. 1THE C Standard Library: a Tutorial and Reference (Nicolai M. Josuttis)

** OTHER C BOOKS ** Algorithms in C : Parts 1-5: Third Edition (Robert Sedgewick) C and C Code Capsules (Chuck Allison) C Gems (Stan Lippman, editor) C Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management (Michael C. Daconta ) C Strategies and Tactics (Robert B. Murray) Efficient C : Performance Programming Techniques (Bulka & Mayhew) Generic Programming and the STL (Matthew H. Austern) Industrial Strength C Rules and Recommendations (Henricson & Nyquist) Inside the C Object Model ( Stan Lippman) Large Scale C Software Design (John Lakos) More C Gems (Robert C. Martin) Multi-Paradigm Design for C (James Coplien) No Bugs! Delivering Error Free Code in C and C (David Thielen) Object-Oriented Multithreading using C (Hughes & Hughes) Practical Debugging in C (Ford & Teorey) Programming Pearls: 2nd Edition (Jon Bentley) Reusability & Software Construction with C and C (Jerry D. Smith) Ruminations on C (Koenig & Moo) The Annotated C Reference Manual (Ellis & Stroustrup) The Design and Evolution Bjarne Stroustrup - Might Be OutdatedThe Practice of Programming (Kernighan & Pike)

** GENERAL PROGRAMMING ** Agile Software Development (Robert Cecil Martin) Beyond Software Architecture (Luke Hohmann) Code Complete: 2nd Edition (Steve McConnell) Debugging (David J. Agans) Domain-Driven Design (Eric Evans) How to Break Software ( james A. Whittaker) Lean Software Development (Poppendieck & Poppendieck) Refactoring to Patterns (Joshua Kerievsky) Refactoring:. Improving the Design of Existing Code (Fowler, et al) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson & Sussman) The Mythical Man- Month: 20th Anniversary Edition (Frederick P. Brooks) The Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt & Thomas) ** Magazines ** C / C User's Journal

** Standard C NewsGroups ** Discuss Of The Standard - News: Comp.Std.c for Learning C or C - News: Alt.Comp.Lang.Learn.c-C General C - News: Comp.lang .c General C (Moderated) - News: comp.lang.c . moderated

** COMPILER / OS-SPECIFIC C NEWSGROUPS ** == Borland == news: borland.public.cpp.borlandcppnews: borland.public.cpp.idenews: borland.public.cppbuilder.idenews: borland.public.cppbuilder.studentsnews: Borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.usingnews: borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.writing

== DIGITAL MARS (Website Link) ==*

== g / gcc == news: gnu.g . HelpNews: gnu.gcc.helpnews:

== Microsoft == news: microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vcnews: microsoft.public.vcnews: microsoft.public .vc.mfcnews:

Unfrequenited or "dead" newsgroups have been ignored for Both newsgrouplists.

** Web Resources ** 1 C Street - (C / C / C # Tutorials) - cplus.about.comaccu - www.accu.orgalt.comp.lang.LANG.LANN.C-C FAQ - WWW / learn / faq / Bjarne Stroustrup's website - C Libraries - www.boost.orgC Annotations 5.2.4 - cplusplus / C Home - www.cpp-home.comC Programming Language Tutorials - /C/C Reference - www.cppreference.comC / C User's Journal - www. cuj.comCode Beach - www.codebeach.comCodeGuru - www.codeguru.comcomp.lang.c FAQ - -faq-lite/Compiler lists - - www.cplusplus.comCprogramming .com (C & C ) - www.cprogramming.comDev-C (free IDE) - www.bloodshed.netDevCentral - devcentral.iftech.comDevX - www.devx.comDictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures - http: //www.nist .GOV / DADS / DINKUMWARE STL REFERENCE - - www.flipcode.comfun ction pointer tutorials - www.functionpointer.orgFunctionX - - gcc.gnu.orgHerb Sutter's website - www.gotw.caList of free books - (Visual C ) - M. Josuttis 'website - www.josuttis.comOO Tips - www.ootips.orgPaul Hsieh's Tech Page -' Heaven - - www.programmertutorials.comScott Meyers' Website - www.aristeia.comsteven C. Dewhurst's Website - www.semantics.orgthe C

Programming Lar - Code Project - ** FREE ONLINE BOOKS ** Thinking in C : Volumes One and Two (Bruce Eckel) - download: Books / Ticpp / ThinkingIncpp2e.html

Thinking In C : Volumes One and Two (Bruce Eckel) - View Online:

Nicolai M. Josuttis 'website - www.josuttis.comOO Tips - www.ootips.orgPaul Hsieh's Tech Page -' Heaven - - www .programmertutorials.comScott Meyers' website - www.aristeia.comSteven C. Dewhurst's website - www.semantics.orgThe C Programming Lar - Code Project -

** free online books ** Thinking In C : Volumes One and Two (Bruce Eckel) - Download:

Thinking In C : Volumes One and Two (Bruce Eckel) - View Online:

Industrial Stregth Rules and Recommendations (Henricson & Nyquist): / -

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