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Finally, Friday Is com, Cool

It's cool, and it's not a weekend of overtime, I wish you happiness, I wish you happiness!

Looked at the Italian VS Czech game last night, it can be hanging. Italy last year World Cup Temple, will it repeat the same mistakes this year? This game can be said that you die is me ~

Four years ago, my wife was crying for the loss of Italy. After finishing the sweat this year, he replied to the look - the game, accompanied by her sigh, screamed, applaud, horror - this is only A one-one wife is paying higher than my game - it seems that the Italian handsome guy is nothing still, it is still the long stay, huh, huh.

Czech lost the game, bid farewell to the World Cup in advance, we will look forward to your passion game again!

Yesterday I saw a painting, very interesting, see (click to view the original picture), the specific meaning next time update the blog, discuss it, hey, weekend to ~ flash!

(2006-6-24 supplemental picture description)

The New York Art Expo is a "2008-Beijing" oil painting:

1, background: Yin Yunjing 2008 Taihai situation is confusing, cloudy clouds

2, main screen: 4 adults are on the gambling, is mahjong, 1 little girl in the gambling disk in East Asia, in fact, is actually playing, Taiwan is not a participant. And this time the game is the mahjong in the east.

3, the layout of the gambling: Two blonde women and two black hair women are the family, Japan Russia is a supporting role, and 4 people are obvious.

4, clothes: 4 people, the clothes represent strength, the United States is full, the lower body is naked, the strength is the strongest on the countertop, and the next is not hanging, China does not hang in the countertop, the strength is the stronger, the whole is not hanging in Japan, no Any strength, and Russia only a shame.

5, the expression and action: China is back, can't see the expression. But it is the most focused on the gamble, and 2 cards in the back, one of which is Russian collaborative. Japan is in ethanical, the most idiot of the whole gaming table, cares about the gamble, and self-feeling full of confidence. Russia lying down, put the legs in the United States, and the card is the public, representing Russia because of the loss, the surface does not want to play, but the Russian Mingli has Guapo, but also gives China.

The American look is watching Taiwan, not paying attention to the card, and after the hands are released, it is delayed, indicating that the United States is more exhausted, the US considers the problem that the value is not worth playing, not how to play.

6, Taiwan: Taiwan seriously pays attention to the gambling bureau, represents the interests of fruit plates, and the knives should protect their own interests. Taiwan's clothes are Chinese style, representing that Taiwan is China orthodox. The mainland is just a phoenix's tattoo, but we wear Western clothes, representing the trend of westing in the mainland, in the world; wearing clothes is the United States. Left: Japan, the back of the picture is China, lying is Russia, and the child standing is Taiwan. In addition to the US, the three squares are light, suggesting that the strength is weaker than the United States (not nonsense); the table does not watch the table on the US, in fact, watching another card: Taiwan; Japan is self-satisfied, waiting for the show; China In addition to the way to look at the Dongfeng ("Dongfeng"), there is still a card behind; the Russian surface is installed, in fact, step on the United States, one hand, one hand, hold the knife, have been rushing quickly (only with fruit only .

The New York Art Expo has an oil painting titled "2008-Beijing". Beijing will hold an Olympic Games, ie lympic games. This painting is also Game, but China's traditional Game - mahjong. These women represent gangsters on the global arena.

The upper left corner of the painting is a standard image. At first glance, familiar and unfamiliar, it is the standard image of the beard of Sun Yat, Chiang Kai-shek's head, Mao Zedong's five senses. It symbolizes the history of China's 100-year-old, or is all of the old democracy and new democracy.

The left side of the painting is a girl who is the world's most arrival, and she has opened a woman in the middle of the middle back, which has opened an Dongfeng, which is a fact that the current is not ignorant. Rise.

Although the woman is a little unspeakable little action.

The middle front woman seems to have some foreign blood. He is playing card, and he will look at the light source, which will come. He is wearing light, there are some worries on your face.

Then the foreign girl, she also came into the game, the confidence is all, lying there, because she scales a card, Jiao Mong, accompanying.

The right side is obviously a rural girl working in the city. She is a breeze army that has made China excavation. However, there are some don't understand on his face, there are some discrete. He holds a bright fruit knife in his hand, which suggests a kind of enemy psychology, the right side of the face, in front of the shabby architecture, there is a big river, there are some stones, which symbolizes the prospects, it is Touching the status quo of the river.

This interpretation comes from Canada's newspaper, the author also quoted to the Internet, but did not recognize this interpretation

Interpretation 2: The upper corner of the painting is a standard image. At first glance, it is familiar and unfamiliar. It is the standard image of the beard, Chiang Kai-shek of Sun Yat-sen, the nice combination of the five senses of Mao Zedong. It symbolizes the history of China's 100-year-old, or is all of the old democracy and new democracy. The left side of the painting is a girl who is the most innovative and most gathering god god. She is clearly glary in order to catch a good brand. The woman in the middle back, opened an Dongfeng, which symbolizes the fact that the current ignorant - China is rising.

The woman is a little unspeakable little action.

Interpretation 3: The middle woman is the US, the woman is tattooed by the phoenix is ​​China, and the side is seriously considering what the Asian woman is Japan, and the other is lying in Russia. Chinese women touched Dongfeng did not impose rising, just expressing "doing East". Russian girl is not a "Xianggong" that is confident. Carefully observe that her posture will find that it is clear that she is not paying attention to the beauty, and the Chinese girl will sneak the card. This is exactly the moment of change, so the card on her table has a little. The little girl who took the knife was obviously discovered. Her sight stays on a Chinese female face that is preparing to sneak the card to the Russian woman. American woman seems to have discovered from the expression of the little girl ... in fact, the beauty, the United States, Russia are participating in cheating, only Japanese girls don't know in secret, that is, the four-party Japanese Japanese Japan is accompanying Playing, a card.

The fruit in the basin is obvious, of course, is the interests of the region of Taiwan. The reason why Taiwan's pure Chinese style is because the last Chinese tradition is in Taiwan. Taiwan is a dining knife. This is probably a double level. First, it means that no matter who will take the interests of Taiwan, Taiwan can only cut fruit; second contact the little girl's expression, the knife ( Representing her defense capabilities) is the last point of defense against her interests.

In addition, I like the expression of the United States, watching Taiwan, a serious concern and I don't know what to do; and Taiwan standing on a cold eye to watch, and I can't see a clear two, but I am not in the bureau, but I can't say anything.

With the silhouette of the Japanese girl, and the back of Chinese little sister.

Plus the background is very overcast

Interpretation 4: Pay attention to the buddy of the girl who is only revealing in the middle is the traditional Chinese Phoenix.

But the body is wearing a western lace clothing. Is it in explaining that China is "Middle School as the body, Western learning"?

The scene outside should be suggesting that the Taiwan Strait and the clouds are not implied in tension.

Taiwanese girls are not atmospheric, she is staring at the face of Chinese girls, the American girl is staring at the face of Taiwanese girls, and the Russian girl is also staring at China; the expression of three people is very deep. Japanese girls only look at their own cards, very satisfied with it.

In the middle, beauty, Japan, and Russia is complex, although Japan is rolling in, but only cares about his own interests.

Western generally believes that the National Government of the Kuomintang is a Chinese nationalist government. This explains the traditional apron of Taiwan. It seems that it is also said that 2008 is still in the Republic of China rather than Taiwan.

I am not strong in the United States. I don't see it. Although she wears clothes but did not wear pants? ! But she wears the most! And her feelings seem to be considering that this game is going to take off, because the Chinese woman is cheating, and Russia is already coming to study, only for the gun, the longer the time, the greater danger!

China hopes to compete through unfair competition!

Japan looks like it is not to know the danger of inside, even though she seems to have looked! And everyone should pay attention, China's top home is Japan and Russia, the United States is just a home! China can only conflict with Japan, Russia, but the United States is obsessed with fire, but there are also possible possibilities!

However, the winner is the United States, because their rules are, whoever lost who is going to take a dress!

Japan, but the clothes pants are not worn out. This, Japan has not chip, if lost, completely withdraw! Win, you can continue!

Russia can only be self-promoted, and you can play a game, that is, there is still a chance!

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