My career road three - second round resume

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The phone is turned on, and the introduction begins to formally theme. I asked her: I have voted for a few resumes, I don't know how it is? . She asked me, what is the name, when is it? I said it was last week. She said, let her check, the answer will finally come after a few seconds. "I am very sorry, because your work experience and our current requirements are not very matching, so it is sieved when the resume is filtered." I took it, my brain is running at high speed, I will ask: "My price can be reduced, can I want to develop technology." As a result, people didn't speak what you said: "We don't care about the high and low, we want to recruit that we think it is right, thank you for your trust in our company." There is no way, and there are a few words. At that time, I wanted to get up from the upstairs. Later I thought about it, forget it, people don't matter of people's losses, such excellent talents are wasted. (Haha, the face is thick, in fact, it is very realistic for the company, especially in this market economy, they will not go to the white individual, and they will strive to be a lot of training, especially for us. If you have a job experience. So people who work for more than one or two years If there is no point to use the value of people, I advise everyone or not, don't come, don't come out to be hungry.) The first good place bubble I was unloaded at the time, or I was mixed here (a company). No matter how, there is a meal, you will not starve me. Go back home. (In fact, it is not a family, the farmer housing, there is no way to Hangzhou farmers pay special money, compared with us, "that is quite good." Remember to heard such a sentence when he was a child, called "Dogs in the big city Different, special money. "Now there is a profound experience.) Report to today's situation, the end of the report, I know that I have to suffer" despise ". It's really not wrong, but I am relative to the face of love. At the end, I feel that I have become the Human Resources Department. Due to my "excellent performance", they began to "yield", began to change the strategy - began to comfort me, when I haven't reacted it, I found me has lost, I sold me myself, I sold me myself. I have a fragile psychogate, and finally I can only make the trick - lying in the bed, my face is bleak, my expression is hesitant. They forgot the type, I forgot to observe my reaction. When they found it, they began to be nervous and began to encourage me to continue to work hard, and I can't forget, I can't forget, fight and degrade "corporate" margin ". The next day, I had a revitalization, set off. I can't think of it. When I got home at home, they gave me a lot of companies. I estimate that at least 15, I heard it almost fainted. I said that I didn't change the company, I won't die again, but I still stay here. She looked at me with a very wronged expression. I spent a whole day, I was "Little Boss" (their company's title to himself) was found to help me, she said, almost, this paragraph All related positions released have almost never seen it. These fews are a thousand miles. Look at it, it is really suitable for me. How many still passed the screenshot (although people graduated from computer, after all, people are girls, some websites can only use this stupid method).


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