C # 2.0 Learning - Collection

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Compilation and execution:

CSC tokens.cs

tokens // tokens.csusing System; // The System.Collections namespace is made available: using System.Collections; // Declare the Tokens class: public class Tokens: IEnumerable {private string [] elements; Tokens (string source, char [ ] delimiters) {// Parse the string into tokens: elements = source.Split (delimiters);} // IEnumerable Interface Implementation: // Declaration of the GetEnumerator () method // required by IEnumerable public IEnumerator GetEnumerator () {return new TokenEnumerator (this);} // Inner class implements IEnumerator interface: private class TokenEnumerator: IEnumerator {private int position = -1; private Tokens t; public TokenEnumerator (Tokens t) {this.t = t;} // Declare the MoveNext Method Required by ienumerator: public bool movenext () {ix (position


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