Suffering will not last long

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Suffering will not last forever strong but can Author: Robert Scott kyro this day, I came to Chicago to give a speech to a group of Midwestern farmers. Although I am full of enthusiasm, I have soon splashing a pot of cold water. They have been enthusiastic to receive me, among them, there are farmers told me: "They are a hard day. They need help. Their most need is hope. Give them hope."

Before I started the speech, the host introduced these listeners. He described me as a successful person, but the audience didn't know, I have also walked through the road they walked now.

"I heard that your days are very bad." I said, "the crops have always been not good. My childhood is in a small farm in the Midwest. My father is originally a worry, and later sufficient I bought a sixty-fifth hectare farm. When I was born, I was only three years old. In winter, we sometimes I have no money. At that time, I also had to work, I want to climb into the pig bar. , Pick up the pig after eating the corn cob, used to do fuel. Those days are really hard!

"The spring of the second year, I met serious spring droughts. My father is ready to use the hard-working a few precious corn as a seed. 'Take a variety of death, why should I take a risk?' I asked. Father But say: 'Unhaffinary people never have future.'

"So, my father left the last corn granules and oats, all took out. However, the fourth week passed, I can't see it, my father's face is tight. He and other Farmers gathered together, asking God asked God to save their fields and crops. Later, the thunder was finally sounded. Although I am rushing, I know that my parents know that there is not enough. Yanyang will appear again, the weather is hot again I got up. My father took a dirt, only one quarter above is wet, and all of them are powdered dry mud.

"In the summer, I saw that the Flodi River gradually became dry, the small water puddle turned into a mud pit, and the squid that was going to twist. My father's harvest has only half a car corn, this harvest and the seeds he broadcast. The number is just right. When the father prayed in dinner: 'Lord of love, thank you, I have no loss this year, you have given me my seeds.' At that time, not all farmers are like my father is so confident, Another farm hangs the brand of 'sale'. My father asked the bank to help, bank trust him, and helped him. I still remember that the child wearing a patchwork coat with my father to love Ahua Bank, I remember There is such a motto on the bank's calendar: 'The great person is very determining.' My father is an example of this positive attitude.

"A silent afternoon in June after a few years later, my family was invaded by the tornado. We started to hear a terrible roar; slowly, the storm gradually approached. Suddenly there is a bunch of black clouds to convex, like A gray long license extended to the ground. It hangs a while in half an air. It is like a snake. The father shouted for the mother: 'It's a tornado, Jenny! We have to leave here!' Turn instant We have been panicked to drive on the road. After three kilometers south, we stopped the car, watching the fierce whirlwind ravaged behind us ... After we returned home, I found that everything was not, half an hour ago There is also a housing that has just been brushed. Now there is no existence, leaving only the foundation. The father sat there and watched the driving plate. At this time, I noticed that he was full of hair, the body was hard work. It seems that the thinness is weak. Suddenly, his hands were shot on the driver's tray. He cried: 'Everything is over! Jenny! The heart of the twenty-six years is complete in a few minutes!'

"But my father refused to be treated. Two weeks later, we found a house that was disassembling in the nearby town. We spent $ 50 to buy one of them, and then remove it on a piece. That is Zero and broken things, we have built a small new house in the old foundation. In the same period, another house was built. As a result, my father is in the years, I saw his farm successfully. "I stared The audience's eyes are like the hearts of seeing them. Suddenly, I spit out one sentence from my mouth, even myself is very surprised: "The hardship will not last long, but the strong can last!" The audience suddenly sounded warm applause. Those who have lost their hopes and fighting with frustrated emotions, re-hope. They have a new embarrassment, and they will start their dreams.

Today, is you doing on a hard day? Don't be discouraged, don't despair. Have to stick to hard. If it is difficult to reach the pole, it is necessary to remember the motto on the Ai Ahua Bank Calendar: "The great person is very determined."

The source of the article is: from the "Youth Abstract" 1990, 5th "Life Revelation" column


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