Microsoft EPG boss let the secretary send a message to everyone

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Microsoft EPG makes the secretary send it to everyone, you are interested to see :)

Thinking 1: There is still another big way to the overall situation.

Thinking 2: Fairness will always have different angles

Think 3: This game is only a person who stands next to the switch can decide the result.

There is a group of children to play outside and there are two rails in that place.

An still use, a already deactivated

Only a child chooses to play on the deceived rail

Other children are still playing on the rails that are still in use.

Very unfortunate, the train is coming

(And there is a lot of children in the upper surface, still driving on the rails)

And you are standing next to the rails of the rail, so you can let the train turn to the iron rail

In this way, you can save most children; but the children on the discontinuation will be sacrificed.

what would you do?

It is said that most people will choose someone to save more, in other words,

Sacrifice the child playing with the iron track ...

But this also leads another problem

That one child choosing to deactivate the rail is clearly determined

Located from his friend and choose a safe place

And his friends are ignorant or wonderful choices who don't play.

Why do people who make the right choice to sacrifice for most people?

This article is very popular, and it is very deep!

We are often important to take care of the overall situation, but is fair?

It seems that when everyone is doing,

We must follow the wave, otherwise it will be exiled and it is not available.

Such as the old man in the fisherman persuaded Qu Yuan said:

The world is turbid, why not be a mud?

Everyone is drunk, why not?

Why is it pleasing to hover,?

When a person is too insisting on ourselves, "right",

The final end may be the poor ghost that is sacrificed!

Who will tell him a tears? I will only laugh at his stupid!

We have entered the society, learning is a smooth man,

When you are the supervisor, just like the person who switches the track in the article,

How will you choose when you conflict with your inner justice?

However - change another angle, if you do not choose to switch track

Because the group of children must know that is a living track

So, when they hear the sound of the train, I will know that I want to run!

But if you switch the track, the child must die.

Because he never thought of the train will also drive to the waste track.

So, what do you think?

Perhaps this idea and concept,

When I arrived old, I will find it.

Become a poor ghost that is constantly sacrificed.

But why is this society going to reverse it?

In addition, think about it, a railway will stop using it.

Does it represent this railway with a hidden crisis?

If you cut it, it is not just a group of children,

But the passenger of the whole vehicle?

Very worthy philosophy, have the opportunity to think about it!


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