Data Import Export

xiaoxiao2021-04-08  4

Database Import Export:

1. Copy some of the data in a database to another database (such as copying a table to another) COPY {from database | to database {append | create | insert | replace} destination_table (Column, Column, Column, ...)] USING Query


Copy frrom username / pwd @ service1 to username / pwd @ service2 insert table1 using select * from tables where tablecol = 'adsdsa'

2.DBLINK CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK CONNECT To Test Identified by Test Using 'ServicesEname'


4.SQLLDR Userid = System / Admin @ServiceName Control = D: /1.CTL

5. Tools, such as Golden, SQLServer, PL / SQL DevelopPolds-> Text Importer, PB can also be used to pour data


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