VS.Net2005 Production installation deployment procedure is the problem summary

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A software has been made with VS.Net2005 and has some experience when making an installer. Write here commemorate.

1. New projects and choose to install the deployment project. 2. Select the project of the Solution Explorer, right click, select Properties. 3. Select the system necessary in the pop-up window. 4, select other items as needed to select the MDAC, .NET Frame, Crystal Report Frame, Windows Installer 2.0, Windows Installer 3.0. 5. Select the "Creating the Installer for Installing System Essentials". This will automatically start the component installer when the installer is started. 6. Select the following "Download the System Essential Components as I have the same location as my application", determine. This will automatically include the required components in the form of the installer in the form of the folder. 7. In the file system window on the target computer, the design, add the program file, the system will automatically detect the files dependent on the program, and automatically add the installation file. 8. Select the execution program file in the application folder, right-click, select "Create ????? Shortcut". 9, drag the created shortcut to "user's 'program' menu" and "user desktop ". 10, generate, ok. 11, other settings such as installation directories, file names, etc. You can select the item name, and set it separately in the file installation properties.

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